The following is simply an outline of a retreat talk given in honor of the good Saint Joseph. Some ideas could inspire you to foster true fatherhood in a world that has too many “drop-out Dads” absentee fathers, and men who fail to carry out their promise the day they made their marriage commitment. Through the conversion and regeneration of the father, in honor of good St. Joseph, we can change to world!


1.    (Read Flight into Egypt Mt. 2)—the strong and protective presence of good St. Joseph... Many fathers, on the contrary flee from their family and family obligations when times get tough.  “When the going gets tough the tough get going.” (Vince Lombardi)

2.    JAIL BIRDS—Mother’s day card and then the father’s day card…  One of the primary reasons for the delinquency and crime is the absence of the father. Gangs—are truly street families; we all need a family and welcome!

3.    FATHER AND GOD.  St. Joseph 1st and foremost loved God fully and totally—both God the Father and Jesus the son.  True and authentic fathers must first love God 1st and above all; then they can love their spouses and their children.

4.    PRESENCE.  Today we have the concept of the drop out dad or the absentee father. Many are workaholics. *** Story of the boy who bought an hour from his father by giving him a dollar.   St. Joseph was present to Jesus in the carpenter shop and two both after work. Fathers must be present to their children—physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually.

5.    SPIRITUAL LEADER OF THE FAMILY.  Fathers are called to be the spiritual leaders of the family; if you like the priests of the family. Doug from Radix example of the father converted by a Marian retreat and then prays the Rosary with his teens… If it were the Mother?  St. Joseph led the family in the spiritual life: praying the Psalms, going to the synagogue and the Temple.

6.    PRAYER LEADER.   Example of the father of Carol W.—JPII/ Mom and Dad and the night prayers.  St Joseph led the prayers.

7.    ATTENTIVE TO THE NEEDS OF THE FAMILY.  A true father has his eyes open to the needs of the family and is willing to sacrifice. St. Joseph did not think of self but of Jesus and Mary.

8.    COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.  The dinner meal at Nazareth and conversation. Imagine you are an invited guest.  *** Importance of meal time especially for the wholesome development of the teens—statistics!

9.    FAITHFULNESS.  A true father is faithful to wife and children as he promised on the day of his wedding:  “In good times and in bad…”  ***Story of the wife and the fire and the face with the faithful father…”

10.PROVIDES FOR THE FAMILY.  St Joseph worked hard so as to provide for this family; he was a hard worker a hard working carpenter.  In imitation of St. Joseph, fathers should be willing to work hard and to walk the extra mile.  (Dad, hard work and helping with studies). ***Russo’s

11.PROTECTOR. St. Joseph protected Jesus from the wiles and malice of Herod. Good fathers, like St. Joseph, should be like good shepherds to the Sheep entrusted to their care, warding off the many and vicious wolves. Many prospect wolves can be in the abuse of the electronics media today.  ****National geographic: the buffalo and the wolves…

12. SUFFER FOR THE FAMILY.  St Joseph was willing to suffer for the ones he loved and many times: the pregnancy of Mary, the trip to Bethlehem, the rejections, the circumcision, the prophecy of Simeon, Herod, the loss of the child. In all of this St Joseph suffered valiantly in silence and offered it to God. Fathers should be willing to suffer for love of their family like good St. Joseph. Love is measured by the willingness to suffer for the loved ones.

13.  LISTENED TO THEM.   St. Joseph listened to his loved ones. Actually we have no word of Joseph in the Bible. Fathers should listen to their children and try to understand them and win their hearts.

14. JUST MAN—the title that is given of him; this means a morally upright and complete man, a man of integrity—in sum—holiness!  May our fathers pursue holiness of life. “Be holy as your heavenly father is holy.”

15.HOLY AND HAPPY DEATH.  At the end of his life Saint Joseph died in the arms of Jesus and Mary. So do we desire for our fathers, in imitation of good St Joseph, to die in the arms of Jesus and Mary and St. Joseph. Good fathers will try to provide that their family members will have a holy and happy death.