The following is a short summary of the essential meaning of the Sacrament of baptism, taking one rite at a time and explaining it. As your read, pray that you will be able to put into practice your own Baptismal commitment!

1.    NAME.  Ask what name they give the child. Importance of the name: that the child should have a name’s saint. Often today the parents give a weird name...

2.    WHAT DO THEY ASK? BAPTISM… In this Sacrament the parents speak and act for the child. Catholic Church believes in “Infant Baptism”.

3.    PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY: train them in the practice of the faith, observe the commandments, and love God and neighbor… Do you understand?

4.    GODPARENTS: To help the parents. Godparents must be catholic, baptized, communion and confirmation, at least 16 years of age and living properly…  Can have one or two godparents...

5.    SIGN OF CROSS ON FOREHEAD... JOY—welcomes and marked with the Sign of the cross… Explain: Trinity and the cross…

6.    CELEBRATION OF THE WORD OF GOD: One or two Gospel Readings can be read... Examples: Baptism of Jesus, Mandate, Nicodemus, etc.

7.    HOMILY: Challenge the parents and godparents to live holy lives and bring the child to heaven by their prayer and example!

8.    INTERCESSIONS (PRAYER OF THE FAITHFUL). To be faithful followers of Christ, witness to Gospel, parents will be examples to children, families be kept in love.

9.    INVOCATION OF THE SAINTS… The Family of God has three parts: Suffering, Militant and Triumphant…  The Church is the family of God. The saints are our friends, they gave us good example and can help us to get to heaven through their prayers!

10.EXORCISM. Jesus came to cast out the power of Satan, the spirit of evil. After Jesus was baptized He went off to the desert and was tempted by the devil.  SPIRITUAL WAFARE.

11.ANOINTING ON THE CHEST—Oil is used in the  many of the Sacraments…

12. BLESSING AND INVOCATION OF GOD OVER THE BAPTISMAL WATER: Very symbolic and beautiful—Red Sea /Paschal mystery… (3 different forms)

13.RENUNCATION OF SATAN AND SIN.  Consecration to Mary, in the Montfort form, it is a call to renounce Satan and renew our baptismal commitment.

14.PROFESSION OF FAITH: IN THE TRINITY... The greatest Mystery of the Catholic faith!

15.QUESTION: Is it your will that X_____________should be baptized? IT IS!!! Should be responded loudly!!!

16.THE BAPTISM… On the forehead. Parents are godparents can hold, better one of the parents because their role is much more important…

17.ANOINTING WITH CHRISM—called to follow Christ, priest, prophet and King…

18.WHITE GARMENT—Purity of soul. Keep it clean!

19.CANDLE AND PASCHAL CANDLE—Imitate Christ, the Light of the world by holiness of life. Christ is the Light of the word, but we afe also called to be the Light of the world!

20.EPHPHETHA RITE—Blessing of mouth and ears calling to mind the miracle of Jesus. Meaning: the child is called to listen to the Word of God, especially from the parents, and in time to express it!

21.OUR FATHER: Parents must be the 1st teachers of prayer to their children.

22.TRIPLE BLESSING: Mother, Father, and all the rest.

23.SING… CAN SING to conclude.  He sings well prays twice—Saint Augustine.

24. CONSECRATION TO MARY is optional but very beautiful…

25.BAPTISM AND MASS- Can be incorporated into Mass…