The following are points that can help you to make a more fruitful meditation/contemplation of the tremendous mystery of the Annunciation/Incarnation of the Son of God.  All due to the generous “Yes” given by Mary to God through the announcement of the Archangel Gabriel. “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (Jn. 1:14)

1.    Biblical Passage (Rosary is bible-based prayer (Lk. 1:26-38) Mondays and Saturdays--- the day of the week suggested.

2.    FRUIT SUGGESTED: Humility of heart, mind and soul like Mary.

3.    GRACE IN GENERAL:  From St. Pope JPII: to contemplate the FACE of Jesus through the eyes and heart of Mary. She pondered all in her IHM.

4.    IMMACULATE CONCEPTION—she is the Immaculate Conception. Kolbe calls her “The Immaculata.”  Explain…

5.    JOY (Joyful mysteries) Beg for the grace to be joyful like Mary. Pope Francis insists on joy; wrote the Apostolic Exhortation: the joy of the Gospel.

6.    JOY—Desire of all human hearts (Aquinas). Why so much sadness in hearts and faces?  Looking for joy in the wrong place. Examples: joke of Pastor and throw all the beer, wine, vodka, in the river. Let us go to the river joyfully. Cannot find it in vino and casino. Looking for it in the wrong place.

7.    NO TO SIN.  Sin takes away our joy! Mary is the I.C. Never sinned. Closer we get to I.C. and pray to her the more we distance ourselves from sin. Sin is anti-God and agua- fiesta (Kill-joy!)

8.    YES to God. Like Mary, true joy will come only when we learn to say “Yes” to God.  Example of Jacques Phillipe and “yes” to the inspiration to visit the chapel.

9.    ANGEL GABRIEL—Try to contemplate and imagine the scene.  Actually this is the 1st part of the Hail Mary.  Gabriel means power of God and is the Patron of modern communication. (Blessed Pope Paul VI). He can teach us to communicate the truth with love.

10. ANUNCIATION—announces the good news to Mary that she will have a child.   The title for the 1st Mystery is the Annunciation!

11.MARY’S YOUTH AND PURITY. Mary was very young and pure. Let us pray for our children and young people so that through Mary’s example and prayer they will maintain or recover their purity.

12.SILENCE OF MARY—teaches us the importance of prayer being supported by silence. Elijah on the mountain… Pope Benedict in NYC seminary: too many noises for young people. Must have silence so as to hear the Word of God like Mary.

13.QUESTION OF MARY: How will she have a child since she does not know man??? Why? Mary had made a vow of perpetual virginity to God—a serious promise—and she did not want to break her promise. We should pray for the grace to be faithful to our words and promises like Mary.

14.VIRGINITY—Mary wanted to give her whole self to God, her entire being.

15.SIGN—God announces to her through the angel a sign, a miracle: her elderly cousin is expecting a child and is already in her 6th month. God can work miracles in any time and place according to His holy will.

16.NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD.  Very important statement. TRUST!!! We should trust that God can do miracles in us and others. Lourdes during the Eucharistic procession at dusk! Beg God to work miracle sin your life, especially miracles in the order of grace.

17. THE VIRGINAL CONCEPTION.   This conception would come about through the power and the over-shadowing of the Holy Spirit. Mary always had a deep union with the Holy Spirit; she can help us. Mary is the Daughter of God the Father, the Mother of God the Son and the Mystical Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Not to be confused with the Immaculate Conception!

18.TWO CROWNS OF MARY: VIRGINITY AND MATERNITY. Kolbe was given the two crowns from Mary: Purity, and martyrdom!

19. YES/FIAT!!! Mary says yes to God; may we learn to say yes to God and no to sin. If done, we will experience great joy and be able to share this joy with others.

20. OVERSHADOWING. Imagine Jesus descending from heaven to earth and entering the depths of the being of Mary!

21.INCARNATION!  Most important moment in the history of the world—and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us(Jn. 1:14—Prologue)

22. MARY AND HOLY COMMUNION.   JPII makes the parallel between the “Yes” of Mary and the Incarnation and the “Amen” we say when we receive Holy Communion. Both result in receiving Jesus into our hearts, into the very depths of our souls!  Mary can help us to make better Holy Communions.

23. MARIAN APPARITIONS—she asks for a Church so that Jesus can come through the Sacraments, especially in Mass and Holy Communion.

24. JPII says that Marian Sanctuaries are spiritual clinics—healing and nourishment through the Sacraments.

25. SALVATION!  The name of the Child is Jesus. Meaning: Savior, “He will come to save the people of their sins. Let us render abundant thanks to Mary for saying “Yes” to God and “Yes” to God for the salvation of our immortal souls. Your soul is worth more than the whole created universe!