BARTIMAEUS is his name!  He was a blind man that met Jesus on the road towards Jericho.  These Biblical figures and their encounter with Jesus have wonderful messages for us and the whole world until the end of the world! Why not immerse ourselves into this heart-warming and inspiring Biblical scene.

JESUS ON THE WAY.  Jesus is near Jericho and as is often the case He is surrounded by many people, including His own disciples. Jesus would take advantage of many occasions and opportunities to preach the Word of God—in the synagogue, the Temple of Jerusalem, on the Mountain or Plain, but even as He walked from one town to the next.

THE LOUD-MOUTH NUISSANCE!!!  On the way, could be heard, from the depths of a wounded and broken and suffering heart an ear-piercing shrill cry: JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!  Everybody heard it and it bothered many!

WHO WAS IT??? It was none other than the BLIND MAN BARTIMAEUS!  People tried to shut the blind man up because he was a loud-mouthed nuisance; you might even say (for many) a real pest!  However, the more they tried to clam up this vocal, loud and persistent loud-mouth, the louder he seemed to cry!

JESUS AWARE. Jesus was not taken by surprise; rather Jesus who is the Word of God and the Light of the world was keenly aware of what was going on and especially in this circumstance.  Jesus would take advantage of this blind man to accomplish immense good! Jesus never allowed an opportunity to slip through his fingers.

THE CRIES!!! As the cries of this blind-beggar seemed to get louder and louder, Jesus told them to bring the blind man to Him.  This was done! Imagine the blind man being led to Jesus who is truly the Light of the world! Imagine Bartimaeus being led by the hand, now rising in his wounded heart hope that maybe he would be healed!

ALL –IMPORTANT QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU??? Jesus asks the blind beggar what he wants. Without a moment of stammer or stutter on the part of the blind beggar he pours out his heart to Jesus—I WANT TO SEE!!!!!

DIVINE PHYSICIAN AND LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Jesus who is the Divine-Physician and the Light of the world, heals Bartimeus and the blind man can finally see! The healing was both immediate and total!!!

LESSONS FOR ALL OF US!!! There are many lessons that all of us can learn from Bartimaeus the blind beggar.  Why not take them and apply them to our lives right now???

1.    BARTIMAEUS—He is you and me!!! In the Catechism of the Catholic Church on prayer Saint Augustine is cited:  “We are all beggars before God.”   You are Bartimeus and so am I!!!  We all have great needs. We all have many BLIND-SPOTS in our spiritual lives that have to be brought to our attention and healed! The worst form of blindness is the person who says that he is not blind!

2.    JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Even in the midst of the most profound darkness, Jesus is always the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  Jesus also said: “You are the light of the world.”

3.    CALLING OUT.  Like Bartimaeus we should overcome our timidity and shyness and cry out like the blind beggar! Jesus knows us through and through but He wants us to cry out like the blind-beggar!

4.    OBSTACLES ON THE WAY. Despite the loud cries of Bartimeus, many tried to shut him up! But he did not give up! In the spiritual life obstacle will always be in our path, but it is up to us to overcome the obstacles. Even if we stumble and fall, we should be resilient and bound back!

5.    PERSISTENCE AND PERSEVERANCE.  Bartimaeus would not give up even for a moment. How often has it happened that we had a very important petition that we brought to the Lord and we asked for help, but it seemed as if the Lord were distant or not even paying attention to our prayer. Consequently, we simply gave up the fight! Not so with this blind-beggar! He was not ready to give up!

6.    WHAT DO YOU WANT? The question that Jesus posed to Bartimaeus is an all-important and all-encompassing question that Jesus poses to you and to me right now!  Delve down into the depths of your heart, into the inner recesses of your soul and what is it that weighs heaviest on your heart right now? What is it that you really desire more than anything else? What is most earnest and pressing for you now? Now is the time to open your heart and pour out all of the desires you have within!

7.    I WANT TO SEE!!! Maybe we  could beg for the same grace—to be able to see Jesus, to understand His will and plan for me with greater clarity of spiritual sight right now!

8.    GIVEN!!! Jesus grants Bartimaeus what he requested right away. Often we do not receive because we simply do not ask and persist. Jesus reminds us of the importance of asking, begging and insisting with these words: “Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” (Mt. 7:7) Why not become a Bartimaeus today. Beg and present your blindness and Jesus the generous giver who is truly the Light of the world is there to give!!!