Two of the most horrendous dates in the history of the United States of America were Jan 22, 1973 and June 26, 2015—both moral catastrophes, immoral Tsunamis!  On the first date 1973 the Supreme Court legalized across the country the killing of innocent babies; abortion is its name! Then in June 2015 same-sex unions were given the same legal-status as traditional marriages between man and woman.  Confronted with these two horrendous and horrific moral tragedies as believers of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as believers in the Bible, as believers in the Holy Law of God that we call the Ten Commandments we must speak out!  We must already form our counter-strategy to this deluge and inundation of evil like the deluge in the time of Noe.

The following will be ten clear item-action steps that we can undertake to confront this tidal wave of evil that wants to engulf all of humanity.

1.    CALL A SPADE A SPADE! Name it and claim it! We must lift up our voices and affirm unequivocally that the decision to legalize homosexual unions was a wrong, disastrous and catastrophic decision. If you like, a major victory for Satan and his minions.   The Prophet warned us in the Old Testament that there will be times when good will be called evil and evil will be called good. We must affirm unequivocally that the practice of homosexual acts and same-sex unions is morally reprehensible.

2.    TRUST IN GOD!  Even though this decision has plunged many into a profound state of desolation, anger and even fear, we must trust God. God has allowed this to happen. Remember the words of St. Paul: “Where sin abounds the mercy of God abounds all the more.”  Then those of St. Augustine can encourage us:  “God only allows evil to bring greater good from evil.” In some mysterious way God will bring even greater good out of this apparently monstrous and Luciferian evil! God’ plan will unfold!

3.    DEFEND THE TRUTH.  All of us who are followers of the Lord Jesus and the Bible which indeed is the Word of God should study God’s Word and learn Biblical passages that defend the true nature of the human person, the true nature of marriage, the true nature of human sexuality, and the true nature of the family.  There are many Biblical passages in both the Old and the New Testament that clearly condemn homosexuality and defend traditional marriages. Read them; learn them; memorize them so that you can fight the good fight and run the good race and win the merited crown that awaits you as soldier of Christ! While we live we must fight; in heaven we can rest for all eternity.

4.    NEVER USE EVIL TO OVERCOME EVIL.  Some radicals are convinced that evil can be overcome by evil—never!!!  Never should followers of Christ have recourse to violent means—either physical or verbal—to carry out God’s word. Peter took out his sword to strike and Jesus told him to put it back in the sheath. “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Toward those who have unfortunately embraced a homosexual life-style we should pray for them, love them as brothers and sisters in Christ and long for their conversion and the salvation of their immortal souls. Jesus suffered, and shed every drop of His most Precious Blood for their salvation as well as for ours! May they repent and become great saints!

5.    FOSTER WHOLESOME, HOLY AND HAPPY CHRISTIAN FAMILIES.  The promotion and proliferation of same-sex unions is definitely a wakeup call for authentic Christian, authentic followers of Christ. This means in concrete that we must make a most strenuous effort on our part to form holy families. God must be in the center of our families. Husbands must love their wives with a noble and pure love and never a love of lust and exploitation. Parents should truly love their children especially desiring the salvation of their immortal souls. Brothers and sisters should overcome selfishness, jealousy, ambitions and anger and strive to put into practice Jesus’ commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you!” God has allowed this moral evil so as to challenge us to foster true and holy families! God allows evil to bring greater good out of the evil.


6.    PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN.  Due to these new laws, the educational system will change radically, of course in favoring and promoting same-sex unions and much more. Consequently, parents must be doubly vigilant with respect to what their children are learning and absorbing. Children are like sponges; they absorb all they see and hear and experience, both good and evil.  As I see it there are various options for parents:

a)    HOME-SCHOOLING. Simply school your children at home. As such, at least presently, the teaching curriculum will be much better and the ugly experiences that children are exposed to in a public setting will to a great extent be eliminated.

b)    SOLID CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. If possible find a good catholic school that is faithful to the Papacy and Magisterium of the Church and enroll your children there. We must find safe havens and refuges—a Noe’s Ark!

c)     PUBLIC SCHOOLS: CONSTANT VIGILANCE.  If there is no other option except to have them enrolled in Public schools then it is incumbent upon parents to be constantly teaching their children moral values and supervising what their children are learning—supporting the good and constantly correcting the moral evils that are being taught.

Indeed one of the greatest evils that flow from the legalization of same-sex unions and its proliferation is the damaging of the innocent children. Children and teenagers are forced to be brought up in a society with a whirlwind of moral confusion. Parents must be doubly intelligent, prayerful and strong in being good shepherds to the flock that has been entrusted to them and ward off the many wolves that are now constantly on the prowl! Parents must form their own consciences as well as that of their children. Evil cannot be fully avoided, but it must be explained clearly to children. Therefore, constant and transparent dialogue must exist between parents and children.

7.    FOSTER SOLID CATHOLIC CONFERENCES, MEETINGS, RETREATS ON THE AUTHENTIC MEANING OF MARRIAGE.   In reaction to the erroneous concept of marriage and family that same-sex unions are spreading, it is incumbent upon us to form well-trained speakers—Bishops, priests, brothers, nuns and even the laity – to teach on the beauty of true marital love as well as the evil of the practice of homosexuality and same-sex unions!  Never have we lived in a society with so much information. However, never have we lived in a society with so much confusion! Side by side with the information explosion is the confusion explosion. Indeed we live underneath or even in the Tower of Babel!

8.    MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSES.  To stem the tide of evil and confusion there must be a concerted effort on the part of Pastors and Parishes to prepare the young who have embarked upon the beautiful stage of preparation for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.   A one-day Pre-Cana Retreat to prepare couples for a life-long commitment to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is ludicrous to say the least.  The athletes have a saying:  “No pain no gain!”  This sports principle we can apply to anything worthy of serious pursuit, especially that of Marriage and the family.  The more assiduous and serious the Marriage preparation the more solid will be the rock on which to build the Marriage and family life. A poor preparation is like the house built on sand. Problems will come quickly and the family will crumble and crash!(Mt. 7:21-28)


9.    STUDY OF NATURAL LAW.  Not only is the practice of homosexuality and same-sex unions against the Bible—the Word of God.  Furthermore, it is against Natural Law; this might even be called “The Theology of the Body”. (St. Pope John Paul II). God created man and woman different. Both are different but equal in nature. Both fill what is lacking in the other by what is called complementarity. One compliments or completes the other. The two unite physically and if God so wills He intervenes allowing the conception and infusing an immortal soul in that newly conceived person. How extraordinary is procreation in which God calls man and woman by their marital union to collaborate with Him in bringing to birth, in bringing into the world a new person who will one day be destined to eternal glory in heaven! Natural Law as well as common sense points to the union of man and woman as the channel by which God has chosen to bring new life into existence. Study Natural Law!


10. BOOK OF JONAH!  The prophet Jonah lived in very evil times. Sin and evil were rampant—so much so that God had already decided to destroy the huge city of Nineveh, very much like Sodom and Gomorrah. After overcoming his initial resistance Jonah lands on the shore of Nineveh and he starts to preach:  “In forty days Nineveh will be destroyed.”  The word of this somewhat bizarre preacher reaches the ears of the King of Nineveh and he orders a universal fast. Animals, children, young people, men and women are all called to very serious penance. How?  All were to wear sack-cloth, to sprinkle ashes on their person and to fast—to go without eating! This was a universal mandate that all carried out. God looked down on Nineveh and saw this and was moved to compassion. Consequently, God did not carry out His plan to destroy the city of Nineveh and all of its inhabitants. Now is the time to relive the Book of Jonah. Now is the time to double our efforts in prayer. Now is the time to seek out forms of penance- fasting, mortification, asceticism, self-denial, etc. for the purpose of saving humanity from God’s anger and a chastisement. Our Lady of Fatima stated clearly to the three little Shepherd children—Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia—that many souls are lost because there is nobody to offer sacrifices for them. Let us lift up our minds, souls, hearts, voices and generous souls to implore God’s mercy on a world that has gone astray!