The following is a summary of facts, courses of actions, Biblical references, and prayers that can be done to support your PRO-LIFE work. It is our hope that this will prove extremely useful for you.  If you like, make copies and give it to friends. The unborn child has no voice. We have to be the voice of the unborn child!

1.    Jan. 22nd, 1973—one of the saddest days in the history of USA. Reason: legalization of the killing of innocent babies that we call ABORTION. This contracts our Founding Fathers who stated: “All are endowed with inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

2.    WHY WRONG? It is wrong because it breaks the 5th commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” Book of Job we read:  “Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked I return to the earth; the Lord gives and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

3.    LIFE BEGINS.  Questions: when does life begin? Biology books for many years in USA spelled it our very clearly: from the moment of conception or fertilization. In that moment God intervenes creating new human life; He also infuses an immortal soul in that little person. Only God, the author and support of all life, has the right to give life, sustain life and end life when and the manner He wills in His infinite wisdom.

4.    DIFFERENCE between us outside the womb and the baby inside is that we are simply more developed biologically.

5.    STATISTICS.  Following are some statistics, which of course are not perfect, but fairly accurate. Since Roe vs. Wade—the Supreme Court decision on January 22nd, 1973(42 years ago today, 2015) close to 45 million surgical abortions. Percentage wise in between 1/3 and ¼ of pregnant women opt for an abortion. This is about 4,000 daily in USA. In the city of L.A. it varies in between 180-300. Every minute close to 3 abortions are carried out—meaning about every 20 seconds! Many women go back to get a 2nd or 3rd or even more! In Russia and China most women will have 7-8 abortions—one-child policy in China.

6.    BIBLICAL REFERENCES AND ABORTION.   What Pharaoh did in the time of Moses can be a parallel to abortion. Remember, the Pharaoh told his subjects to throw the male child of the Hebrews in the Nile River. Moses, whose name means “Drawn out” of the river, was saved. The Magi, and the Feast of the Holy Innocents also is a parallel text to abortion because King Herod, in search of Jesus, killed the male-children two years of age and younger. Jesus was saved by Saint Joseph as the Holy Family fled to Egypt.

7.    BIBLICAL VERSES IN DEFENSE OF LIFE. There are many, but we will give a few: Jeremiah’s vocation (Jer. 1) from my mother's womb I was called to be a prophet of the nations. Psalm 138—This Psalm presents the baby inside the womb as precious. The Word of God presents God as a weaver, molder and knitter. God is knitting, stich by stich the baby within the womb of the mother. In sum, the woman carries the baby for nine months, but it is God who is forming, knitting and weaving the beautiful child. By far the best passage is the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. Mary greets Saint Elizabeth and the baby within her womb leaps for joy. In the USA society these two women would be prime targets for abortion, due to the euphemism and lie, “Quality of life.”   Mary would be too young to have the child; on the other hand Saint Elizabeth was too old. Both rejoice in their child, said yes and trusted. Consequently they brought forth the two greatest men born of women: John the Baptist and Jesus, the Life of the world!


a)    Devil—Jesus says that the devil is a LIAR AND MURDERER from the beginning!

b)    FEAR—many teen girls will have abortion due to fear of their parents. Unfortunately in the state of California a teen girl in High School can get a pregnancy test and actually abort without the parents’ permission as well as behind the back of her parents.

c)     TOO MANY! Some reason that they already have a big family and cannot support another child.

d)    AGE FACTOR. Today often medical agents will warn women who are in their late 30’s not to have a child because they could jeopardize their health.

e)    SELFISHNESS—Unwillingness to sacrifice for the sake of another person.

f)      QUALITY OF LIFE—Not enough money or education. This skewed reasoning asserts that better not to bring a child into this world if he/she cannot have the best of futures!

g)    WRONG ADVICE! Many women have abortions because they are surrounded by so called friends that give them the wrong advice.

h)    MONEY—Many doctors and nurses will encourage it because they can make big money over performing the abortion. Abortion is the most common operation in USA!   The womb of the woman is the most dangerous place today for the child. “The womb of the woman has become the tomb of the child.”

i)      LACK OF TRUST AND FAITH IN GOD. When all is said and done, the primary theological reason for any abortion is a real lack of trust in God’s love, support, protection and providential care. Jesus says that we are in the palm of the hand of God and nobody can snatch us from His hand.


a)    Scalpel method—can be compared to a butcher shop, where the child is cut to pieces.

b)    Saline solution… Not as common today. Salt-solution is injected and the child is burnt to death. Not done as often—ironically, for the health of the mother! It could leave scars in the woman!

c)     SUCTION METHOD—Baby is sucked out of the womb by a powerful vacuum machine.

d)    PARTIAL BIRTH METHOD. As long as the baby is inside the mother the doctor and mother can decide to kill the baby, but once outside the child is considered a person with equal rights.

10. CLARIFY THIS IMPORTANT POINT. Many women will take the so called “After-morning Pill”. This is not a contraceptive pill, but rather and abortifacient pill. The dense quantity of hormones impedes the implantation of the little baby in the uterine wall, thereby killing the child. This indeed is a micro-abortion—meaning a microscopic abortion, can be seen under the lens of a microscope. Most likely, since Roe vs. Wade more than 250,000,000 of these abortions have been perpetrated! This being the case nobody should ever get close to the After-morning Pill which in reality is an ABORTION PILL. Even though the government—FDA—has legalized its selling and use, even now in some states for teen girls—it is still gravely immoral. Remember this important distinction: what is legal is not always the same as it being moral. In other words, not all laws that have been promulgated are necessarily moral!


1.    STUDY.  The web-site “Priestsforlife.org with Fr. Frank Pavone is excellent. Check it out! Read Saint Pope John Paul II’s encyclical: “The Gospel of life”.

2.    MARCH FOR LIFE. March for life in front of your local abortion clinic. Have a silent and prayerful protest!

3.    MARCH FOR LIFE IN WASHINGTON. Do this in front of the White House and Capital giving national support and recognition for your stance in favor of life.

4.    SIDE-WALK COUNSELLING. If trained, try to persuade the woman who is entering the abortion clinic to have the child.

5.    LITTLE FEET. Wear the little feet of the baby child on your coat or shirt.

6.    PRO-LIFE LICENSE PLATE.  Have a Pro-life license plate with a catchy Pro-life phrase:  “It is a child and not a choice.”

7.    VOTING. There are non- negotiables in voting. Your first criteria in voting is to defend the innocent child and support Pro-life candidates.

8.    TEEN CHASTITY. Support our young people to live a life of chastity and save their sexuality for their wedding night with their spouse. Give them a chastity ring.

9.    PARISH LEVEL. See if you can set up, with the permission of the Pastor, a Pro-life committee and group in your parish.

10.SPEAK OUT! Many women have abortions because they are surrounded by people that give them bad advice. Speak up and out to defend the child.

11. RECONCILIATION. If you know of a woman who has done and abortion never condemn her but encourage her to seek reconciliation with God through the Sacrament of Confession, professional help for healing and come to terms with Post-abortion syndrome and encourage her for healing and help. There are wonderful retreats—Rachel’s Vineyard, that can help in the healing process.

12.FILMS. Promote good films in Pro-life, for example the Silent Scream of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Bella, and October baby, to mention three good ones.


Very important in the fight against the devil of abortion and this institutionalized sin are the arms of PRAYER AND PENANCE! Jesus stated very clearly: “Some devils can be cast out only by prayer and fasting.” The following are some prayer weapons that we should utilize in our spiritual combat to fight the devil of death.

1.    FASTING AND PENANCE. Do some form of penance and fasting so as to cast out these many devils!

2.    JAN. 22ND. The USA Bishops have proclaimed this as a day of prayer and penance in reparation for abortion.

3.    CHAPLET OF DIVING MERCY.  “I offer you the Body, BLOOD, soul and divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in reparation for our sins and those of the whole world.

4.    HOLY MASS AND HOLY COMMUNION. The priest lifts of the Host which is the Innocent Lamb of God whose innocent Blood pleas for mercy for the innocent babies killed through abortion.

5.    COMMUNION OF REPARATION. Offer your Holy Communion in reparation and prevention for the sin of abortion.

6.    HAIL MARY—we praise the fruit of thy womb of Mary JESUS!!!

7.    ROSARY—Better yet—fifty Hail Mary’s!


In sum, let us do all we can to be the voice of the unborn child, the child in the womb cannot speak for himself. You have to be the voice to the child who cannot speak. May Our Lady who said “yes” to life and Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life help us defend life from the moment of conception until natural death! Amen.