This brief test is a challenge to see how much you really know with respect to your Catholic faith.  These will be ten simple questions that are rather simple but catechetical in nature.

PERMANENT FORMATION.  Professionals must constantly brush up, study, learn, and be on the cutting edge of learning and technology. The concept of permanent formation should apply even more seriously to Christian-Catholic followers of Christ.  The reason behind the urgency of this assertion is due to the primary importance of our soul and the importance of the eternal salvation of our immortal soul.

Jesus sums this up in this short but poignant phrase:  What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his life in the process.”   St. Ignatius persistently badgered Francis Xavier with this Biblical verse until Xavier capitulated, gave in, made the Spiritual Exercises and was radically transformed. He became one of the greatest missionaries in the history of the world!

St. Francis Xavier teaching
Now we will launch ten simple catechetical questions and see how we make out on these.  The questions will be posed, but it is up to you to research to answer for your own profit. Maybe these questions are overly simple for you. If so praise the Lord, but keep growing and climbing in your spiritual life. Then, make sure that you share this quiz with your families, friends, and why not even “non-believers” so that one day they may indeed become believers!

The Spiritual life is like climbing mountains. Once you have reached the summit and peak of one mountain, then there is always another mountain, higher and more challenging to climb. By way of analogy, we must keep climbing until we reach the mountain of God, which is heaven!  Off we go! Let us initiate our catechetical challenge and climb!

Moses receives the ten Commandments
1.    THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.  Name in order the Ten Commandments of the Law of God.  Who did God first give these Commandments?  Where can we find them in the Bible?

2.    THE SACRAMENTS.  Can you name them? A few more challenging questions!  How many can be received only once? Which of these Sacraments leave an indelible mark, which is called the Sacramental character?

St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II
3.    POPES?  Let us test you now on the Papacy!  Can you name in order the last ten Popes?  Which of these Popes lasted the longest? Which of these last ten Popes lasted the shortest? What was the present Pope’s name before he was elected and chosen to be Pope?

4.    GOSPELS! Can you name the Gospels in order! Great!  Now without looking can you tell the number of the chapters in each one of the Gospels? If you do not know, then of course you will have to look it up! Lastly, what does the word “Gospel” mean???

Gospels: do you know them?
5.    MARIAN TEST!  Can you name the four different series in the Rosary, starting with the “Joyful Mysteries?”(Oops, I gave you the first…) Now, name all of the twenty mysteries in their proper order. If you get an “A+” Our Lady will be smiling from heaven without a doubt!!! Take it one more step: get into the habit of praying the Rosary!

6.    MARIAN DOGMAS!  Can you name the four Marian dogmas that have been proclaimed in the course of the 2000 years history of the Catholic Church? Which was the last? Who proclaimed it? When? When do we celebrate this last one? Hint: it is in the middle of the summer and the very middle of the month of August!!! If you get an A+, Our Lady will smile all the more!!!! Get this question right? Maybe you are called to be a catechism teacher! 

Our Lady with Child
7.     TEST ON THE HOLY SPIRIT! Can you name the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit? According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, which would be the greatest of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit? May the Holy Spirit enlighten you, or move you to find these all-important Gifts!

8.     ESCHATOLOGY!  The study of the Last things. Can you name the “four last things”? Once memorized make it a habit to meditate on these at least for two minutes every day. This will help us to distance ourselves from sin and focus on our eternal salvation!

9.    CHRISTOLOGY!  Jesus should be the very center of our lives. St. Ignatius, introducing us to contemplation, invites us to grow deeper in knowing Jesus, loving Jesus and then a real willingness to follow Him. Here is your question and challenge with respect to Jesus Christ: give five different titles or names for Jesus! The Gospels, of course, would be the best references for this Christological question!  If you really love Jesus, then you should get to know Him better through the different names and titles that he has! Then, these titles can even enrich our prayer life!
Jesus surrounded by the angels
10.  ANGELS! Can you name the different choirs of angels that were categorized by of course the Angelic Doctor Saint Thomas Aquinas? Then, after this challenging question, can you name three Archangels mentioned in the Bible? Still a greater challenge: can you tell the meaning of those three Archangels that you have just mentioned. They all have “Hebrew” origin!  Now, I wonder if the angels will be rejoicing in your testing on them? If you do not know, then it is up to you to find out! Then you will be a master of this knowledge of your friends—the Holy Angels of God. By the way, when we are speaking of angels, we are not referring to a Baseball team that plays ball somewhere in California!

Our Lady came to Fatima as catechist
Now, after you have completed successfully this catechetical test, why not take it one step further! Why not at the dinner table as a dynamic  to spice up summer vacation launch these questions to your family members, maybe guests or whoever happens to be invited to dinner that night!  Then whoever wins the most answers, reward him/her with ice-cream and cookies. The loser well maybe hit the sink and wash the dishes! Why not accept this dynamic learning game!