“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His mercy endures forever.” Meister Eckhart asserted: “If the only prayer we that was only expressed from our hearts were thanksgiving, then it would be enough.”   The word “Eucharist” actually means thanksgiving. Jesus grieved over the nine lepers who failed to return to Him and render thanks for their instantaneous cure; only the foreigner, the Samaritan returned to render Him thanks. St. Paul in his letters reminds us to give constant thanks to God. Indeed all the good that we have received flows from the utter goodness of a good, kind, loving, and generous and bountiful Father! The following Litany is a prayer focusing on giving thanks to God for the countless graces that He has bestowed on all of us on the day of our Baptism. This Litany can be recited any time. However in key occasions it is even more opportune. The Liturgical celebration of the Baptism of Jesus, at the Baptism of a child, when we are called to be sponsors in a Baptism, and in a very special way recalling the day of our own Baptism--- these are all prime-times to fall on our knees and pray this Litany of thanksgiving!

Pope John Paul II baptizes.
1.    For my relation as adopted Son of God, thank you God!

2.    For being called to be brother to Jesus Christ, thank you Lord!

3.    For entering into a deep friendship with the Holy Spirit, eternal thanks!

4.    For infusing into my soul the theological virtue of faith to truly believe in you, praise God!

5.    For endowing me with hope against all obstacles, Trinity, I praise you!

6.    For filling my soul with love/charity, how I love and praise you God!

7.    For decorating my soul with Justice, Prudence, Temperance, and Fortitude, (the four moral/cardinal virtues), eternal appreciation, Lord!

8.    For welcoming me into a new family, the Church, the People of God, as a grateful member of this family, thanks so much!

9.    For imbuing and permeating my soul with sanctifying grace (Friendship with God) thanks; my heart overflows with gratitude!

10. For freeing me from the cruel bondage of the devil, in the spirit of the true freedom of the sons and daughters of God, thanks again!

11. For welcoming me into the Bark of Peter (Noe’s ark of salvation)the Catholic Church, amidst the storms of the world, praise and glory to you O Lord!

12. For opening my heart to receiving actual graces, with true humility and gratitude of heart, thank you Father of all good gifts!

13. For opening up the gateway to receiving the greatest of all the Sacraments—the most Holy Eucharist—thank you Providential Father!

14. For allowing me through Baptismal graces to attain to the true life, eternal life in heaven, Lord a million times, thank you!

15. For allowing me to have a heavenly Mother, Mary most holy, our life , our sweetness and our hope, all starting with the Sacrament of Baptism, thank you, thank you, thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Eucharist means thanksgiving