If you step on a rusty nail, you extract the nail and go to the Doctor for a tetanus shot. You make sure the garbage is taken out and disposed every week.  How many of us would go a week without taking a shower or bath? If your little daughter accidentally drank poison you would call the Paramedics and rush her to the hospital for a stomach-pump! Even something as simple as a dust particle in the eye we remove instantaneously!  We are keenly aware of our bodily needs especially in moments of suffering or sickness. What about our soul?

How many commit a mortal sin (or many mortal sins) and nothing is done to remove this mortal spiritual sickness? Mortal sin kills the life of grace in our soul. Pope John Paul II called it moral suicide!

The two worse things that could befall us would be to commit a mortal sin, but there is something even worse than committing a mortal sin and it is dying in the state of mortal sin. If this happens we lose our immortal soul for all eternity!

Those who commit mortal sins and purposely postpone, procrastinate and put off for tomorrow repentance, conversion and confession are committing another sin--- the sin of presumption. Presumption means that we presume on God’s grace that He is so loving and kind and patient that He will always give us many more chances and will wait for us forever.  Wrong!

We know neither the day nor the hour that the Lord will knock at the door of our hearts and ask us a reckoning for our lives. He will come to judge the living and the dead.  He will come like a thief in the night; at the hour that we least expect!

If we are in mortal sin, we should never put off our conversion, but immediately turn to the Lord, repent, trust in His infinite mercy, confess, return to the state of grace and strive with all of the energy in our hearts to be faithful to the Lord and guard our souls against the three enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil!

Let us turn to Mary, Mother of mercy, to help us to fight against sin, treasure living in the state of grace and hope in heaven. Mary, mother of God pray for us!