Genesis is the  first Book of the Bible and the first two chapters recount two different versions of God’s work in creation.   Entering into the Spiritual Exercises Saint Ignatius presents us with the Foundation of all the other Exercises that follow, entitled   “Principle and Foundation”.

Ignatius’ first idea is about creation.   “Man is created….”  Therefore, a very efficacious meditation (or meditations) can flow from reading, meditating, pondering, contemplating creation.   The material is more than abundant; but still we will offer a few other ideas as a springboard for reflection and prayer.

However, it is of capital importance this point that as soon as any passage seems to strike you and move you to prayer to stop reading and enter into dialogue with the Lord. As Ignatius reminds us it is not in much knowing that satisfies but interiorly relishing the truth.

Finally, MAGNANIMITY.   Listen to the words of the Master, St. Ignatius, on the disposition of soul we should have in entering to the  Spiritual  Exercises:

“It will be very profitable for the one who is to go through the Exercises to enter upon them with magnanimity and generosity toward his Creator and Lord, and to offer Him his entire will and liberty, that His Divine Majesty may dispose of him and all he possesses according to His most holy will.” (Annotation #5 Spiritual Exercises)


1.    Creation means that God makes something out of nothing.  God can do anything.  Man is weak but God is powerful.  All things are possible with God. Meditate upon the attribute of His OMNIPOTENCE--- God is all-powerful!  But I am the essence of weakness.  God said to Saint Catherine of Siena, woman Doctor of the Church, “ I am everything and you are nothing.”

2.    MAN/WOMAN: THE CROWN OF CREATION.   Of all that God created and brought into existence in the created world, man/woman is the crown or apex of creation.  St. Thomas explains the ladder of existence.  Stone exists; the plant exists and grows; the animal additionally has locomotion or movement, but all will one day cease to exist.  Man has all of these qualities, but something far superior---- an immortal soul that will live for all eternity. Reflect upon the gift of human life God has given you, its dignity and your destiny but also your responsibility before God.   The more we have received the more we are responsible to give in return!

3.    IMMORTAL SOUL.   Remember the words of Pope St. Leo the Great, “Christians recognize your dignity.” Also call to mind the theological concept of St. Thomas Aquinas, “One soul is worth more than the whole created universe.”   Furthermore, your soul has been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”
4.    VARIETY IN CREATION. How great and majestic is God our Creator! God could have created the world in black and white—a boring and uninteresting existence. But no!!! He created a wide range of variety: colors, plants, animals, seas and mountains, and an enormous variety of species in the plant and animal world. Never forget: all of creation God did for me as a stepping stone to arrive at heaven and not as a stumbling block to lose my soul.  May God grant me the grace to appreciate creation, to praise Him for creation, but always to use creation with moderation, right intention, and having always my end in mind—the eternal salvation of my soul!
5.    PERSONAL REFLECTION AND PRAYER.   Within the huge expanse of God’s limitless creation, what to you personally  draws you closer to God. Remember once again that behind creation--- as if it were a veil or curtain—is the beauty of the Creator, God Himself!  The starry sky at night, the sunrise at dawn, the painted sky after the torrential rainstorm known as the rainbow, the shiny moon, the colorful leaves in the midst of foliage season, the powerful waves beating against the shore, the quiet and almost imperceptible snowflakes fluttering from heaven? What in creation lifts you most to contact the Creator?