1.    PROPOSAL!  Pray a little more and better every day! Try it!

2.    FORGIVE! Immediately! If not resentment sets in and poisons the heart!

3.    LISTEN!  The Holy Spirit is always active with inspirations. Listen and respond!

4.    GIVE! Blessed Mother Teresa’s classic advice:  Give until it hurts!”

5.    READ!  So many spiritual classics! Read them in this Year of Faith, before it is too late!  The year of faith is over November, 24.

6.    CULTIVATE!  You have talents, cultivate them now. (Read Mt. 25: 14-30--- the Parable of the talents).

7.    KINDNESS! Three short suggestions: be kind, be kind, and be kind! (Advice of Saint Augustine, not bad!)

8.    GIVE THANKS! Every day of your life spend at least a minute or two thanking God for all He has given you!  “Eucharist”--- means, “Thanksgiving”. May you be a “living Eucharist”.

9.    GOSPEL OF LOVE!  Tell God you love Him every day!  Then show it by the way you love others who are  created in the image and likeness of God!

10. OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL.  Turn to Our Lady of Counsel every day and beg her to give you GOOD COUNSEL.  With the Psalmist and Mary’s intercession: “Give success to the work of our hands; give success to the work of our hands.”