Today more than ever many false philosophies have invaded the world. As St. Thomas Aquinas clearly states, “If we do not love the true God we will end up falling in love with the false god.”  Below we would like to point out ten of the most common false philosophies in the modern world so as to be aware of their pervasive and pernicious influence.

Scrooge and his money.
1.    MATERIALISM--- Material things can give you true happiness. Having is being!

2.    CONSUMERISM--- Shop until you drop! Buy it and possess it.   Your own possessions can possess you.

3.    SCIENTISM--- Science can explain all reality without the presence of God.

4.    MORAL RELATIVISM--- There is no such thing as an absolute truth. Rather “Truth” depends on the person, social mores, and differing cultures.

5.    HEDONISM---   The God of pleasure.   Eat, drink, and be merry!   You have one life to live. Get all the “Gusto” out of life.  “It is Miller time!”
6.    REINCARNATIONSIM---   Life is the “Wheel of existence”. After you die you will return as a new existence.

7.    ATHEISM--- God does not exist!  “Religion is the opium of the people.” (Karl Marx).
8.    NIHILISM--- Life really has no meaning. It is absurd. ( Sartre, French existentialist philosopher)          

9.     AGNOSTICISM--- Who really knows? Maybe God does exist? Maybe He does not exist?

10.  PREDESTINATION--- John Calvin.  Some are destined to be saved; others to be damned. Free will has no part in it.