Fighting for Faithfulness in the Family and the Future of Society

It is of vital importance now more than ever to fight for the salvation of the family. “The family is the basic building-block of society.” It is the “Domestic Church”.  It is the foundation on which the whole structure of the society is established.  The future of our children, teens, society and the world at large depends on the future of the family.

History has proven that when the family is under attack and the family starts to unravel and dissolve, then the whole of the society crumbles like a house with a weak foundation in an earthquake.   This can be proved by a study of the Greek and Roman civilizations; the family entered into crisis and so did those societies and then the  civilizations crumble!

How then can we fight valiantly for the future of the world by safeguarding the family?  We will offer some clear and practical suggestions.  Some of the points might appear obvious to many of our readers, but due to a widespread tsunami of paganism, materialism, and hedonism, what appears to be obvious to many is unclear to others!

1.  TRADITIONAL FAMILY.    The family consists of man and woman who unite in the love of God and each other in a mutual and permanent bond until death do they part. Union between those of the same-sex has never been a marriage or family and it never will be in the eyes of God. The Book of Genesis clearly states that a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife; and what God has united let no man rend asunder.   God created “Adam and Eve” and not “Adam and Steve!”

2.CHILDREN One of the primary purposes of marriage is that of willingly and generously accepting from God the gift of CHILDREN.  How beautiful and sublime the word  PROCREATION--- meaning that both man and woman collaborate and cooperate with God in creating a new human person who will live in time and for all eternity.  Man and woman provide the material element, and God provides the spiritual element (the soul) which He infuses in the baby at the very moment of conception. What a sublime and elevated mission is that of being fathers and mothers--- that both collaborate and one day that individual person will be united with God forever in heaven.

3.     SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY.  Among the many spiritual plagues and diseases in the modern world is the sad and all too prevalent reality of couples living together.  There are various names for these phenomena and various reasons. Names?  “Cohabitation”, “Trial marriage”, “Shacking up together”, "Living together". Reasons? Obviously not from God but from the enemy!  The lies of the enemy spew out with constant venom and damage. “We have to see if we are compatible!”  Or “We do not want to make a serious mistake!”  Still yet “We are happy as we are and we know several couples that once they did get married, then they separated!”   In the meantime while they are cohabitating, all the following poisonous effects ensue: they cut themselves off from the sacramental life by living in mortal sin and can neither go to Confession nor receive Holy Communion.  Also, if they have children, they are giving scandal (bad example, the “Mill-stone award”) to their children. Finally, they are living in a state of permanent fornication, forming a slavery to sin which blinds their eyes form seeing God, deafens their spiritual ears form hearing His voice and chains them to the slavery of sin. Worst of all, if they were to die in this state of unrepentant mortal sin, they could lose their souls for all eternity!  In other words, nothing good ever comes out of sin. From a bad tree rotten and worm infested fruits will come forth!

4.     CHRISTOCENTRIC MARRIAGE NOT EGOCENTRIC.  Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, on the topic of marriage penned a classic It takes three to get married.   Who are those three?  The husband, the wife, and the most important among the three, JESUS!   Jesus is the “Super-glue” that holds the couple and family together.  In my wedding homilies I question the two future spouses as to what would be the best thing that both could do for the other??? Taken by surprise often they are stunned with the question. Whereupon, I give a very clear and concise response!  The best thing that John can do for Mary is to fall in love with Jesus every day! And the best thing that Mary can do for John is the same:  to fall in love with Jesus every day!  If both husband and wife make a daily concerted effort to grow in their love for Jesus then naturally and necessarily they will fall in love with each other and be able to impart a noble and pure love towards the children that God will bless them with!  Putting it bluntly: marriages fall apart because they are “Egocentric in nature and not Christocentric!”
5.     PERMANENT COMMITMENT.   In the marriage ceremony the couple makes a solemn promise of fidelity using the following words:  “I promise to be faithful to you in good times and in bad, in health and in sickness, in riches and in poverty until death do we part.” This promise made before the people of God, before the priest who represents Christ, and before the Trinity--- Father, Son and Holy Spirit—who witness every word, action and even the most secret intentions of our hearts, is very serious!  The word “Separation” or “Divorce” should never cross their minds nor should it be part of their vocabulary! “Permanent” does not mean partial or temporary, but rather it means forever until one of them is taken by death!  In a world where words are cheap, promises are broken, commitments are taken with a grain of salt, more than 60% of marriages end up in divorce. We must fight all the more firmly and vigorously for the stability, indissolubility and permanence of holy Matrimony.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I Give You My Heart and My Soul
May the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph help us with their prayers, example, and witness to live out the marital commitment and promise made on the day of Holy Matrimony.  The future of our children, our adolescents, our country, society, and world at large depends on the future of the family. May God help us!