One of the greatest treasures on a human level is to encounter a true, loyal, faithful friend.  Indeed this is a priceless pearl.   The Word of God states that to find a true friend is a true treasure.

If on a human level friendship is to be treasured, protected, cultivated and cherished, how much more should we treasure a true and dynamic friendship with Jesus?

Shortly before offering Himself to the Eternal Father as a Sacrificial Victim on Good Friday--- dying on the cross for all of humanity and for each and every one of us individually--- Jesus spoke at length at the Last Supper.

In addition to washing the feet of the Apostles, instituting the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders (the Priesthood), and giving us the greatest commandment to love one another as He loved us, He also offered to the Apostles and us a special relationship---- Friendship with Him.

He said, “I do not call you servants because the servant does not know what the Master is about; I call you  FRIENDS.     Jesus Himself longs to enter into Friendship with you and me.

This “pearl of infinite price”--- Friendship with Jesus is always available to all, but especially to you and me right now.  If you like, Jesus comes like the Good Shepherd, with staff in hand, but with the other hand He is gently knocking at the door. (Rev. 3)

The painter Holman Hunt painted Jesus the Good Shepherd, with staff in hand and knocking at the door.  An acute observer approached the painter with a complaint: the painter had forgotten to paint the door knob!   Holman Hunt held his ground and responded:  “The door knob is present, but within the door.”

Jesus indeed is knocking at the door of your heart, but it is up to you to open up the door and to receive Him into your home, into the depths of your heart. Right now Jesus is knocking and waiting for you to open!  Are you ready and willing?

In your conversation with your Friend Jesus, what might be some of the topics of your conversation?   The response is simple, clear and to the point: ANYTHING!!!!  

However, to help us to initiate and engage in this Friendly conversation with the Lord, we will offer five short suggestions and these suggestions do not exhaust the topics that you can talk about with the Lord. Remember!   You can talk to the Lord about anything.

Remember also that the Lord earnestly desires for you to talk to Him. Furthermore, you should never feel inhibited at any time and place to open up and talk to Jesus your best of Friends.  Jesus will never hurt you, humiliate you, misunderstand you. Rather, conversation with Jesus heals, strengthens, encourages, enlightens and sanctifies.   Off we go….
First, THANKS!   What do you have that you indeed did not receive from God? Only one thing: your sins!  Look from within your mind, heart, soul, memory, imagination; look from the inside out at the beauty of nature, the food you eat, the health you enjoy, the opportunities you have had.  All of these gifts that come from God, the author of all good gifts, should result in a constant hymn of thanksgiving that should spontaneously flow from your heart.  “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good for His love endures forever.”

Second, LOVE!  The greatest of all commandments is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. (Lk.10) Spouses should frequently express their love for the other; otherwise the love can grow cold. Jesus wants to hear from our lips and our hearts that we indeed do love Him. St. John of the Cross says that in the twilight of our existence we will be judged on love. A suggestion!  The most important time to tell the Lord you love Him is immediately after you have received Him into your heart in Holy Communion. His Sacred Heart is united with your heart. Then, tell Him you love Him!

 Third, PETITION/SUPPLICATION FOR SALVATION.   Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive… (Mt.7:7). Our asking has no limits! However, begging fervently to the Lord for our salvation, the salvation of our family members, the conversion and salvation of sinners, as well as the salvation of the entire world, exceedingly rejoices the Sacred heart of Jesus. Ask for the greatest gifts--- that is, the salvation of immortal souls! St. Faustina and the children of Fatima were constantly begging Jesus for the salvation of souls; we should do the same!

Fourth, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY. If we hurt a dear friend then we ask pardon. By sinning we hurt the Lord and damage our Friendship with Him. Therefore, we should apologize and tell the Lord sorry for having wounded or even ruptured the bonds of friendship.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen defines sin as “Hurting the one you love.”  Friendship with Jesus—the pearl of infinite price--- supersedes even our own natural life.  For that reason St. Dominic Savio’s motto resonates powerfully--- “Death rather than sin!”

Fifth, THE WEIGHT (PROBLEM) that in the present is causing suffering to your heart.   Jesus loves us so much that He willingly shares His life with us. That means that He shares His joys but also wants to share with us—at least to a limited degree—a splinter of His cross.  Many of us fall into sadness and even depression because we are trying to carry the cross in our lives by ourselves.   We really cannot do this!  The cross is too heavy and painful, such that it can crush us.  Either that cross makes us better or bitter and it all depends on one thing--  If we carry the cross alone, bitterness sets in;  however, if we share the cross with the Lord either He can take the cross away from us or He can share carrying the cross with us; and He always carries the bigger weight of the cross.  St. Peter says: “Cast your cares on the Lord because He watches over you.”  Then Jesus Himself says:  “Come to me all of you who are weary and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am meek and humble of heart. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Mt. 11:28-30).   A burden shared with a friend is greatly alleviated.  Remember the song:  “He ain’t heavy he is my brother!”  Jesus is indeed our older Brother and He desires so much to enter into friendship with us. He wants to share His life with us and He wants us to share our life with Him. May Jesus always be your Best Friend and that pearl of infinite price!