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If one’s house is on fire, if a wolf is on the loose, if poison has been swallowed the reaction must be immediate, if not consequences will be fatal.   For several years now in the USA as well as many other countries in the world a ravenous wolf and the pack invade homes, families and individuals wreaking havoc.   The name of this wolf, wildfire and lethal poison is Pornography!   All educated people know that it is out there as well as “in there” (one’s home), but take very few active steps to expel the “Ravenous wolf” from the flock.

A few years ago I was highly impressed by a National Geographic Documentary on wolves and Buffaloes.   The Presentation displayed several times a buffalo running in a vast field--- strong, muscular, confident, the king of the wilderness, until something unexpected happened!   In hiding and waiting was a wolf. Studying the movements of the Buffalo and allowing the buffalo to distance himself from the wolf, suddenly the wolf sprang forward after the buffalo like a fiery arrow!   Kicking up dirt, galloping loudly, fixing his gaze ahead into the vast wilderness, the buffalo was totally unaware and oblivious to the danger that was on his heels--- the ravenous wolf, picking up speed and rapidly approaching.

Finally, upon reaching the buffalo, the wolf launches himself on the heel of the buffalo, taken totally by surprise, the buffalo stumbles, falls and cascades to the ground, unable to rise and resume his graceful sprint. Aware of the victory, the other wolves in the pack surround the buffalo nip, bite, and end up devouring the whole of this huge animal.  In a matter of a few minutes there remains only the bare bones and dead carcass of this majestic buffalo.

Highly impressed by this National Geographic Documentary, I felt there is a clear moral connection between the sly, astute, hidden, but ravenous and deadly wolves, which end up destroying and killing, and the presence of the ravenous wolf of “Pornography” in the home.   Radio, TV. Cable, papers and magazines, but especially deadly is that of Pornography through the Internet!

The purpose of this short essay is to cry out WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Parents, Moms and Dads indeed know that this is  an “all—too—present wolf” but as Good Shepherds to their flock are too passive and slow to expel the wolf from their midst!  Consequently the sheep are exposed to danger, attack and even moral disaster.   We hope that by reading and reflecting upon this moral danger, this Ravenous wolf in our midst, it will serve as preventive medicine, or if need be, curative medicine.


1.     ADDICTION.  Serious studies all agree that pornography is highly addictive.   A sincere disciple of Christ who had been immersed in multiple vices gave witness to the gripping effect of pornography. He stated that he conquered drug addiction as well as alcoholism, but could not conquer the addiction to pornography.  Studies point out that addiction to porn is more gripping than addiction to cocaine.

2.    PROCESS OF ESCALATION.  Another study points out the sequence of the addiction as follows!   Curiosity leads to casual viewing of porn; then casual viewing leads to constant viewing.   Then escalation sets in! There is a desire for more graphic and explicit images. Finally desensitization, in which what was considered repulsive, is considered normal. Finally, acting out!  All too frequently what is seen is carried out in life.  If you like, what goes into the eyes, filters into the brain, from the brain the emotions, from the emotions the heart and from the heart into life.  Then actions form habits and habits form the personality of the individual and finally his eternal destiny!  Reflect on this process!

3.     OBJECTIFY THE WOMAN.   The net result of addiction to pornography on a personal and human level is the degrading of the addict in the sense that he no longer is able to view the woman as a daughter of God, a temple of the Holy Spirit, as a sister in Christ, or as a mother.  Rather the woman is simply an object to be viewed, lusted after, exploited and used and then finally discarded, if you like, like a used Coke a Cola bottle!  Pope John Paul II in his masterpiece on the Theology of the Body affirms this. Either the woman is to be respected, loved and honored as God’s creation or seen as an object to be lusted after and used as a means of selfish gratification!

4.    ADULTERY OF THE MIND.  A married man who capitulates to the addiction of pornography in reality commits adultery. How and why?  In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus clarifies the extent of adultery going beyond the mere physical act of adultery, with these words:  “You have heard it said, “You shall not commit adultery.  But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.  If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one of your members than to have your whole body thrown into Gehenna.” (Mt. 5:27-29).   Jesus could not be more clear in his teaching on purity and adultery. Adultery extends from the physical reality even to the yes and inner intentions of the heart.  Many marriages have been jeopardized, weakened, wounded, damaged and even rent asunder due to the entrance of the ravenous wolf of pornography into the home!    For entrance into heaven Jesus gave us a Beatitude:  “Blessed are the pure of heart, they will see God.” (Mt 5:8).

5.    WOUNDING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN.   The poet said it clearly, “No one is an island unto himself.”   Addiction of pornography of the father, ruins  his relationship with his wife, ends in separation and eventual divorce and the innocent ones--- the children—are the ones that suffer due to the separation!   The wolf is on the prey to ruthlessly destroy families!

6.    EXPULSION OF GOD!  Obviously the worse consequence of the seeking out of pornography, viewing, and eventual addiction is the expulsion of God from one’s life.   In the “Year of Faith” proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI—from October 11, 2012 until Nov. 24th  2013, the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe--- the Holy Father insists on everybody seeking to acquire a personal relationship with Jesus.  Jesus must be our Best Friend!  We cannot serve God and Mammon (sin, pornography) at the same time!  Our God is a jealous God and will take second place to nobody or anything.  Looked at objectively, to sacrifice the love and Friendship with Jesus for some base, crass, sinful momentary pleasure--- that of addiction to pornography-- is the height of absurdity!  Worse yet, Our Lady of Fatima sadly asserted that most of the souls that are lost for all eternity are lost due to sins against the virtue of purity—sins against the sixth and ninth commandment.

7.    LOSS OF JOY AND PEACE.   Finally, St Thomas Aquinas the Angelic Doctor, asserts that every human person is in the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, why is it that so many people live an existence of sheer sadness, turmoil and constant agitation?    The reason is the following: they are seeking happiness and joy where happiness and joy cannot be found--- namely in sinful pleasure. Jesus greeted the Apostles with “Shalom”—peace be with you!   He also wished His Apostles joy. Addiction to pornography extinguishes both peace and joy in the human heart!

In this short article we have highlighted the danger of the ravenous wolf of pornography invading our homes, marriages and even destroying families. Also we have listed the noxious, poisonous effects of what an addiction to pornography can cause.    However, we know that God is much more powerful than all the evil that can surround us because our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

The following article—sequel—will offer our strategy or game plan on how we can fight the good fight, run the good race and conquer the enemy in this mortal battle for our country, our community, our family and  children in fighting the ravenous wolf of pornography!   God allows evil to bring even greater good out of evil. (Saint Augustine)