God’s goodness has not limits!   Giving to us freely, supporting us, sustaining us in every moment, saving us from danger and peril--- this describes our Loving and Providential Father. 

All of us, from our conception, have been gifted by God with a Guardian Angel, whose purpose is to guide us on the pathway to heaven, to warn us of moral evils, the near occasion of sin, and to inspire and console us in moments of desolation.  How unfortunate that we pay so very little attention to a dear friend of ours--- Our Guardian angel.

Speaking about angels, the Bible gives us the names of three Archangels: Michael, which means “who is like unto God”; Gabriel, which means “power of God”; finally Raphael, “Medicine of God” or “God heals”.

God desires that we recognize, appreciate, and even more important that we enter into friendship and dialogue with these Archangels.

They are not simply plaster statues as exhibits in art-museums, rusting and collecting dust!   They are angels--- and powerful angels called “Archangels”.
Michael, who is the prince of the heavenly host, has been granted by God a special power over Satan.  He is invoked in the formal Rite of Exorcism, with St. Joseph, St. Benedict, and Mary and of course the Holy Name of Jesus.

Pope Leo XIII ordered that the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel be prayed at the conclusion of all Masses, because it seemed as if the bad odor of Satan had permeated the Church

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is promoting more, the formation of formal exorcists so as to stem the tide of Satanism and demonic possessions.   Therefore, we should cultivate a deep relationship to the angels, but especially St. Michael the Archangel.  Why not form the habit of praying to him every day.

Parishes should pray the Rosary, and pray for the intentions of the Holy Father and the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel…  “St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil….”
ARCHANGEL GABRIEL.    This Archangel can be found in the Book of Daniel, in the Old Testament. However, in a more prominent location, he is found twice in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke.  First, he announces to the elderly priest Zacharias, the future birth of St. John the Baptist.  Then, Gabriel, ‘Power of God” was called by God to announce the greatest news in the history of the world. He was sent to the Virgin Mary at Nazareth with the Good News of the Incarnation of the Son of God.  “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you…”  Mary responded, “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your word.”  

Given the sublime importance of the message and the messenger, the Archangel Gabriel was proclaimed by Pope Paul VI as the modern “Patron of communications”.

May this Archangel Gabriel attain for us the grace, intelligence and fortitude to communicate clearly, cogently, and convincingly the Word of God in all times, in all places, in word and by example!
ST RAPHAEL.  Finally, the 3rd Archangel whose name we have in the Bible is that of St. Raphael, which means “God heals” or “Medicine of God”.

This Archangel can be encountered in the book of Tobit, with its 14 chapters, couched in between Nehemiah and Judith.

Raphael can be considered the patron saint of many, due to his powerful presence in this short masterpiece. Raphael intervenes to resolve, through the power of God, serious problems.

Tobit Sr. has lost his eyesight; Tobit Jr. is in search of a future spouse. Sarah, has lost several prospect spouses, having been slain the wedding night by the devil Asmodeus.   Raphael in a very hidden and inconspicuous way, through the power of God, resolves all the problems.

Raphael, patron on the journey, accompanies Tobit Jr. to the home of his future spouse Sarah. On the way, walking along the seashore, a fish is caught and Raphael orders Tobit to cut out the fish’s heart and liver and to bring it to the home of Sarah.

This done, upon arriving , Tobit asks for the hand of Sarah in marriage, but before consummating the marriage, both pray for a happy and holy marriage and that their marriage be not based on lust but for the honest desire to form a family.   The remains of the fish is burnt, thereby expelling the demon.  Their marriage is sealed by prayer, blessings, good will and the desire to form a family based on Godly principles.

Sarah, who even was contemplating suicide, is saved!  Tobit Jr. finds his soul-mate.

Meanwhile, back at home, Tobit Sr. is blind.  Burying the dead, and falling asleep with his eyes opened, birds left droppings in his eyes thereby blinding him. Raphael to the rescue again!

When Tobias Jr. arrives home, still holding on to the fish gall and liver, Raphael once again intervenes telling the son to apply the fish internals to the eyes of his ailing and blind father.

Obedient to the Archangel Raphael, applying the fish gall, from the eyes of the father fall something like scales and his eyesight is totally restored!  Another major victory, once again through the intercession of the Archangel Raphael, “Medicine of God”, “God heals!”  He certainly did accomplish the miracle and in a hidden but powerful way.

Therefore through the intercession of St Raphael terrible tragedies were resolved.   A young man connected to the woman of his life.  A woman, having lost several prospect spouses killed by the devil himself, was saved from despair and met her own soul-mate.  Finally, a man of good will and charitable disposition, who lost his eyesight on the line of duty by burying the dead, recovered his eyesight!   Praise be to God through the intercession of the Archangel St. Raphael.

St Raphael can be considered the patron saint of many specific causes!

1.     Patron of travelers!  He safely led Tobit Jr. to his destination.

2.    Patron of spouses!  He connected both Sarah and Tobit Jr. helping them to unite in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

3.    Patron purity.  By burning the gall and insides of the fish, the bad odor of impurity was expelled from the domicile of Sarah.

4.    Patron of happy meetings.  The encounter between Sarah and her family and Tobit was a most joyful experience.

5.    Patron of eyesight!  It was through Raphael’s insistence that the fish remains were applied to the eyes of Tobit, Sr. causing something like scales to fall from his eyes resulting in the perfect restoration of sight!

6.    Patron of Gratitude.  The Archangel invites to give God thanks and glory!
In conclusion, we are never alone in life!  God has sent us many friends. Our Guardian angel accompanies us.  Still more, three other powerful friends are always at our side ready to help us,  pray for us accompany us protect us, inspire us, and lead us safely to the Kingdom where forever with them we will praise the Blessed Trinity with Mary, the Queen of angels and Queen of Saints!