Listen to Father Broom speak about this important topic

All too often desperate mothers, with their hearts laden with sorrow and their conscience smeared with guilt and their strength depleted to the last drop of energy, come crying to me to give them a solution to their wandering, lost, and forlorn child.  Drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, cohabitation, gang involvement, attempted suicide--- usually these are in the “Litany of despair” bemoaning the sad plight of the mother’s son or daughter.

As priest, Pastor,and friend, I usually ask two pointed questions!  First, how is you and your son’s relationship with God?  Usually, it is either weak or non-existent!  Then, the next key question that I ask sincerely to the weeping mother is: “Where is the father and what is he doing to help this wayward, prodigal son????”
Usually the mother, with sadness and sometimes anger responds: “He left us and is out of the scene.”  Or,  “ His Dad works hard all day, but is never involved in the life of his kids! For him, to be a good father, is simply to work, make money, pay the bills and put the bread and milk on the table!”
Bingo!  The reason for children falling into immorality, depression, gang activities and attempting society is clear--- No God the Father and no earthly Father!   Children desperately need the presence of God, but also the presence of God the Father mediated through the channel of their earthly father, who indeed should be the first to reflect the Heavenly Father to their children!
This being the state of affairs, absent fathers, drop-out Dad’s, workaholic Dad’s prioritizing their work and money over their child, what can we do to foster true, authentic, loving but firm Fathers?  The future of the child, the family, the society and the world depends on the formation of TRUE FATHERS!!!!!
Below are 5 indispensable qualities of a true father. Let us storm heaven and pray that this will be the path of our future fathers!
1.     MAN OF GOD.  First and foremost a true Father must be a true son of God the Father.   If the earthly father has established a loving, tender and intimate relationship with God as Father, then he will be able to communicate this to his children.   Of great importance also is that fathers should look to with great love, devotion and reverence to good SAINT JOSEPH.   The greatest earthly father is good SAINT JOSEPH.
2.    LOVING AND FAITHFUL SPOUSE/HUSBAND.   When husbands truly love their wives, when there is great respect and tenderness of husband toward his wife, when the husband rejoices and laughs heartily in the presence of his wife, then the family atmosphere is festive and joyful. The children can breathe peace and joy in the air! On the other hand, where there are quarrels and fights between husband and wife, mean looks, and a cruel cemetery silence, then the children are confused, insecure and fall into a state of depression!  Listen to St. Paul, “Husbands love your wives as you do your own body… and love is patient and kind… Great words of encouragement from St. Paul!
3.    LOVING AND INVOLVED FATHER.   After work, family time is just starting. Even though work can be stressful and draining, still true fathers must walk the extra mile and be available for their family. Dad must be there and involved! How? First, to pray with his family. “The family that prays together, stays together.”  The father should be the spiritual leader--- if you like, “The priest” of the family. Dad takes the initiative in religion! Second, eat meals together and talk, communicate, get the family members to tell what has happened and what is going on. Third, play time! Children love to play and especially with Dad. Studies show that looking in retrospect, some of the most happy and rewarding moments where when Dad was playing with them!  Piggy back rides, airplane, wrestling, arm-wrestling—all of these serve to establish a deep and lasting rapport between Father and son.  Many have turned toward a homosexual lifestyle because they never experienced the warmth of a father’s embrace in their childhood!
4.    HARD AND DEDICATED WORKERS!  No freebees!  “No pain, no gain!”  Success comes from “Blood, sweat and tears” and a lot of the three! True fathers should implement the “Two-P’s!”--- to protect their family and to provide for their family!   A true father is a GOOD SHEPHERD to his flock!  He works hard to provide for the material, emotional, social and spiritual needs of his children. Furthermore, he is ready and willing to protect the home from the entrance of wolves who seek, on the sly, to enter, to devour and kill the innocent! Today, more than ever, good fathers should be vigilant in the use of the Modern Mass media—that is to say, T.V. Radio, Internet, I-pod and I-pads, movies… Remember that the eyes are the mirror to the soul.
5.    JOKE, JOSTLE, JOY, JESTER, JIFFY-FREE!    There is a time for everything underneath the sun.   A true father enjoys being with his kids. This can be very efficaciously accomplished, the finishing touch or the cream on the cake, by humor, jokes, and the “lighter side.”  During tense moments that all families eventually have to traverse, a little bit of humor, a funny joke or surprise laughter can dissipate the bad odor of those tense moments!   All spiritual writers agree on this point: the devil goes fishing in a sad, depressed and desolate soul.  A multitude of demons descend upon lazy souls but also sad and depressed souls!

Fabulous, faithful, fantastic fathers can be a reality!  The future of the woman, the future of the son/daughter, the future of the family, as well as the future of the society as a whole depends much upon the formation of true fathers. Let us earnestly pray that men who are called to the married state would strive with all the energy of their wills to attain this most noble of goals! Good Saint Joseph, pray for us!