Pontius Pilate questioned Jesus, "What is the Truth?"  Jesus, earlier in the Gospel of John, responded to the question on "Truth".  Truth is not simply a philosophical system, nor a trend, nor a mode that is here today and gone tomorrow.  The "Truth" is a "Person" and that person is Jesus Christ, who stated unequivocally:   "I am the Way, the TRUTH,  and the Life..."     A blind man following a blind man will both end up by falling into the pit. What are concrete ways in which we can be sure that we are following the light of the Truth? Let's see!

1. BIBLE.   The Bible is truly the Word of God. St. Jerome stated poignantly, "Ignorance of Sacred Scripture is ignorance of Christ." ( Vat. II,  Dogmatic Constitution, Dei Verbum).  The Bible should be light and lamp for our steps and we should be reading, meditating and praying with the Word of God every day!

2. POPE/VICAR OF CHRIST.    However, it must be highlighted, that to interpret the Bible properly, we must rely on an authoritative source: that is the Person and the Teaching of the Holy Father, the Pope.   When the Holy Father speaks or writes on topics related to faith, doctrine (dogma), and morals, then he is infallible.  The reason being, it is the Holy Spirit that is enlightening the Pope. The Holy Spirit is the God of Truth.

3. MAGISTERIUM AND POPE.   Furthermore, the Bishops teaching in union with the Holy Father is another reliable source of truth.  Magisterium refers to the teaching office.

4. CONFESSOR/SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR.   The confessor or spiritual director must be in union with the Holy Father and the Magisterium. If so, when being directed by one's confessor/spiritual director, through this channel also God will speak.

5. INSPIRATIONS.   These must be tested in the light of what has been stated above. Some   Counter signs! Inspirations from the Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word of God; they will not go against the teaching of the Church. Furthermore, inspirations will not contradict one's "State of life".   Mother of 7,  teen age school boy, contemplative monk--- all of these are in a different "State of life". Consequently, their actions should be in conformity with their specific state of life.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel, attain for us a true hunger for the truth. May we take positive action steps in our life to search for the truth, study the truth, live the fullness of the truth, defend the truth and love the Person who is the Truth--- Jesus,  THE WAY, THE TRUTH,  AND THE LIFE!