The saddest day in the history of the United States of America was January 22, 1973,  On that day the Supreme Court legalized abortion, the killing of innocent babies, from the earliest stage of development until the latest. Murder came legal!  Murder of the most innocent and defenseless! Since then close to 53 million babies have been murdered by a surgical procedure, not to mention the chemical abortions, the number skyrockets!

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, an ardent defender of the unborn, stated that if we do not defend the most defenseless, then we should not be surprised, that across the board, human life in general will be respected less.  Gang activity and murder, world wars, euthanasia--- the  brutal attack against the aged and the sick--- are mere consequences of not respecting life from its earliest stages. Therefore, we must be the voice of the unborn child, the voice that cannot be heard, must be heard through our voices and our lives!   Action items...

1. STUDY!  Click into!  An excellent website on PROLIFE!  Biblical passages, pro-life material in general, political candidates and voting,  photo galleries showing babies aborted from the first term up to 9 months, personal testimonials, and much more can be found on this  excellent website!  Click on!

2. PARENTS AND TEEN CHASTITY.  Parents must make a concerted effort to teach their children the importance of the virtue of purity. Likewise parents should dissuade their children from pursuing an premature courtship which often leads to premarital relations, unwanted pregnancy and abortions!  Parents as teachers, do your job!

3. PARISH CHASTITY RINGS!  In dealing with young in confirmation programs, it is a wonderful  idea and project to offer the young a chastity retreat which concludes with a Mass of consecration--- preferably on a Marian Feast like the Immaculate Conception--  and give them a ring in which they promise virginity and life-time chastity. The retreat, Mass of consecration and ring can all be powerful reminders to the young of their dignity and that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

4. VOTING!  Christians should have  a moral-conscience in voting. Remember the key topics and the "Non-negotiables"--- the topics that are always intrinsically evil!  Abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, contraception, embryonic experimentation. These are all key moral topics and should be the first criteria on which to cast your vote!  Vote for life, the unborn child and for the salvation of the family!

5. PRO-LIFE WALK!   Find out where is the closest abortion-clinic in your neighborhood or city. Then organize a group of "Pro-lifers" to peacefully pray in front of it, especially the Rosary! Babies can be saved by your prayerful, holy, life-giving presence!

6.  JAN 22.   The American Bishops have proclaimed this as a day of penance and fasting in reparation for the many abortions .  Pope John Paul II spoke about "Institutionalized sin". Sin has its very roots in governments and institutions. To eradicate this much prayer and penance is required.  Jesus said that some devils can be cast our only through prayer and fasting. That was how Jesus conquered the devil in the desert, by 40 days of prayer and fasting!

7. SPEAK OUT!   You should be the voice of the unborn child. He cannot speak and defend himself; so, you must be his voice. Often, I make it a habit that when a pregnant woman announces to me her pregnancy I respond immediately with:  "Praise the Lord!" What an incredible blessing!  That child will have a special mission on earth! My prayers and blessings!  Who knows? Maybe she spoke to three persons before me that were indifferent to the child or even encouraging her to have the abortion and because of my intervention the tide could be turned and she could choose life  over death. Therefore, speak up and be the voice of the child who has no voice of his own to be heard!

8. ULTRASOUND!    With pregnant and confused women expose them to the ULTRASOUND. Take them where one can be found; pay for it, and let them see that little baby within, the little one opening his mouth, yawning, sucking his thumb and smiling--- all of these can be powerful messages for the mother to love the child, give birth to the child and give thanks to God for the child!

9 MERCY. If you meet a woman who has had an abortion( or more than one) always be merciful! Encourage her to return to God. Speak to her about God's greatest attribute: HIS DIVINE MERCY.  Jesus said to St. Faustina that the greatest sinners can be the greatest saints if they  simply trust in His mercy. Encourage her to beg for God's mercy, go to confession, beg mercy and forgiveness from the child, name the child and allow Jesus the wounded healer to gently and patiently to heal her wounds. Jesus said, "Come to me all....

10. MARY'S YES AND LIFE.  One of the best Biblical passages-- if not the best-- that promotes human life in the womb is the account of the VISITATION of Mary to her cousin St. Elizabeth (Lk. 1 39-45).  Here we encounter two pregnant women who are rejoicing in the babies within their wombs. However, in the modern American society, they would be obvious "prime targets" for abortion. The reason!  One would be considered too young; the other, would be considered too old. Mary, was a young virgin; Elizabeth--- way beyond the age of  fertility-- was already 6 months with child.  What did these two women have in common? Faith in God, trust in Divine Providence, love for human life. Both said "Yes" to life and brought forth  the greatest children born of woman:  St John the Baptist, and  JESUS CHRIST, THE LIFE OF THE WORLD!  Therefore, let us turn to this passage to defend the unborn child and often pray  to repair for abortion and to end abortion, one of the greatest "Pro-Life"prayers, the Hail Mary:  BLESSED ARE YOU AMONG WOMEN AND BLESSED IS THE FRUIT OF YOUR WOMB, JESUS... May Mary's "yes" be our inspiration to respect life as a precious gift to be loved and respected from the moment of conception until natural death. Amen