St. Elizabeth, St. Anne, Hannah(the mother of Samson)-- what did they all share in common, guess?  They all suffered from infertility, but then were blessed with their heart's desire: a child!  John the Baptist, Samson (the strong man), Mary,  (The Immaculate one and the Mother of Jesus).
These were the priceless treasures given to these elderly women and priceless jewels given to the world and for the blessing of all humanity.

Years ago couples would marry with this philosophy in life: we will take from the hands of God as many children that He sends us, as soon as He sends them and in any way that He sends them. God is the author and  origin of life, and  wise beyond our wildest imagination, He knows best!  Today, on the contrary, many couples marry with the philosophy: let us wait until we have more money in the bank, a bigger and more spacious house, a nice pool, a huge television set, and after travelling the world, then we might decide upon having a child, one or two at most! Avoiding the child, of course, by utilizing contraception and the  many forms! 

The first philosophy embraced the "Gospel of Life"; the latter, embraced the "Culture of death".  (Concept of Blessed John Paul II).   Where are you on this spectrum? Have you decided to embrace fully the "Gospel of life" in all its ramifications, or have you fallen into the dangerous and sinful pitfall of the "Culture of death"????   If you have been brainwashed into embracing the "Culture of death" the consequences are nothing less than poison in many ways!

Reflect seriously upon what  the deadly consequences of accepting the contraceptive mentality are!

1. CONTRACEPTION/ABORTAFACIENT.    It is a biological fact that many pills and forms of contraception are not simply contraceptive--- preventing conception--- but worse yet, many are abortafacient--- that means they are actually producing micro-abortions.  This means "Microscopic" tiny(invisible to the eye) abortions.  In other words, little babies are being killed. The numbers are not calculated with perfect accuracy; however, huge number are being killed!

2.  CONTRACEPTIVE PILL:  POLLUTION OF FEMININE ECOLOGY.    Nausea,  high blood-pressure, blood clots that can lead to heart-attacks or strokes, increase in weight, infertility, possibility of breast cancer----- these, as well as many other, are possible side effects of taking chemical contraceptives.   What husband who loves his wife would  desire a "Death wish" for the one he truly loves???

3. UNFAITHFULNESS/PROMISCUITY/SEXUAL LICENSE.   Pope Paul VI made stark, but all too real prophecies, for those who buckle under the pressure of the "Contraceptive mentality."  Among these dire prophecies was the explosion of the Sexual Revolution. Stands to reason!  Marital problems, lack of communication and dialogue, warmth and love has withered--- why not seek the greener grass on the other side of the fence and hook up with a past lover, but of course, remember to "Take the pill" and nobody will find out!

4. DIVORCE!  Once found out, the marriage has been jeopardized to the point of "No-return" and the promise of " Faithful until death do we part" is thrown out the window!

5. PROLIFERATION OF (S.T D'S)  With the explosion of the sexual revolution encouraged by the contraceptive mentality, there has been a sky-rocketing effect of Sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are viruses and will never be cured!  Remember the saying:  "God always forgives; man will sometimes forgive, but nature never forgives." If nature is abused,  negative consequences will become a reality!

6. WOUNDED CHILDREN.  The innocent will suffer!  Jesus said, "Let the children come unto me; unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."  Children who are products of divorce, led  on by the contraceptive mentality suffer irreparable wounds.  Low self-esteem, sadness leading to depression, insecurity, low grades at school, confusion, drink, drugs and immorality--- all of these and more flare up in wounded children of divorced parents!

7. SEXUAL PERVERSION.  Once contraception has become one's philosophy, then normal heterosexual expression of sexuality becomes boring and monotonous and more exotic forms of sexuality are often experienced; hence homosexuality flourishes! Once "Sex" becomes a god/idol, the capacity for perversion is limitless.  That is why the great St Teresa of Avila stated poignantly that once one lives in mortal sin, we should not be surprised what we do, but what we do not do!!! In other words, moral depravity has no limits when God's grace is absent!

8. DENIGRATION OF THE WOMAN.    Sadly, another effect of the contraceptive mentality is the denigration of the woman.  The human person, the woman, has an exalted dignity, being created in the image and likeness of God and through Baptism, she is a daughter of God, sister to Jesus and temple of the Holy Spirit.  With the proliferation of contraception, the woman is no longer seen as a person--- with this innate dignity-- but  rather is seen simply as an object to be used and  enjoyed for pleasure and then discarded as would be a Coke bottle!

9.  SPIRITUAL DISASTER/MORAL DECAY/GODLESSNESS!   Once contraception becomes one's life-choice, then God is ejected from one's life!  Mortal sin indeed causes,  "Moral suicide" (words of Pope John Paul II). If  one ends his life in this state, then eternal damnation is the end result--- this indeed is the ripe fruit of accepting and living the lie of the contraceptive life, which leads to physical, moral, spiritual and eternal death. Jesus said that the devil is a liar and murderer from the beginning.  Nothing more clearly explains the contraceptive mentality!

May Our Lady, St. Elizabeth and all the holy women of God through their prayers spur us on to purity, self-control, discipline and one day eternal life!