"The eyes are the mirror of the soul." The mirror should be kept clear, pure, transparent, and constantly guarded from being tarnished by the dust, dirt and even filth of the world.   Spiritual Theology texts insist on the "Custody of the Senses", but especially a vigorous and constant custody of the eyes.

What passes through the eyes, enters the mind and from the mind into the heart and from the heart into one's life and from one's actions are formed habits--- good or bad-- and these habits form one's personality(who he really is as a person) and finally one's eternal destiny, either eternal joy in heaven or punishment and suffering in hell!  To contemplate the Face of Jesus in the life to come, we must maintain purity of eyes, mind, body and soul in this life.  "Blessed are the pure of heart, they will see God." (Mt.5:8)

Therefore, let us encourage a proper use of our eyes by the following practices!

1. CONTEMPLATE THE BEAUTY OF NATURE.  The starry night sky, the multi-colored rainbow, the trees glowing in foliage season, the sunrise, painting the sky with an orange -pink hue, the moon reflecting the light of the sun, the meadow filled with the flowers of God, the snow-capped mountains,  the powerful-eternal breaking of the ocean waves against the shore, the crystal-clear spring water rushing from a mountain crevice---- all of these and much more majestically point to the author HIMSELF, GOD THE CREATOR.       "O Lord, Our God , how wonderful is your name through all the earth...When I see the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you set in place..."  (Psalm 8: 2, 4).   May your eyes be filled with the beauty of God's creation and your heart be elevated to praise the Creator behind  creation!

2. SMILING FACE OF A CHILD.   The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The innocent smile of a child can lift you to the creator of innocence itself--- The innocent Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  "Unless you become like a child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God."

3. BIBLE/WORD OF GOD.  A day should never pass in which you are not reading, pondering, meditating the Word of God.  One verse, one word, one idea from the "Word of God" can fill you with light and consolation the whole day.

4 INCARNATE DOERS OF THE WORD OF GOD: THE SAINTS!   To really view, in concrete, the Word of God lived out in flesh and blood, you must read the "Lives of the saints". The conversion of St Ignatius can be attributed to his reading the lives of the saints; Ignatius proclaimed:  "If Dominic can do it so can I; if Francis can do it so can I..."

5. MASS/CONTEMPLATION.   During Holy Mass, when the Sacred Host is being elevated, then contemplate  It (Jesus) with deep faith and burning love. In the depths of your heart pray: "My Lord and my God..." and "O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine."  You are looking at Jesus and He is looking back at you with love!

6. HOLY HOUR AND BLESSED SACRAMENT.   After Holy Mass, spend your "Holy Hour"  (The Hour of Power, Archbishop Fulton Sheen) gazing lovingly at your Lord and God.   The Cure of Ars asked the peasant what he did while spending long hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament and the peasant responded:  "I look at Him and he looks at me and I get up filled with joy!"

7. DIVINE MERCY IMAGE.  Jesus promised that those who honor and venerate His Image of Divine Mercy will receive special graces now and for all eternity. Do not let a day pass in which you fail to contemplate the beautiful image of Divine Mercy.  "Jesus, I trust in you!"  Jesus promised Saint Faustina that His grace would pass powerfully through this image. All homes and families should contemplate with their eyes this IMAGE!!!

8. BAD IMAGES: T.V, INTERNET, MOVIES, MAGAZINES..... All of these should be avoided like the plague!  If you are uncertain if you should be viewing any image or scene from the above, then simply ask yourself the question:  "Would Jesus, Mary and Joseph sit down with me with joy for this entertainment!!!!  You have the answer!!!!

9. CRUCIFIX.  Have a graphic, authentic depiction of Jesus crucified in your home, hopefully in your room.  From head to foot, contemplate your suffering saviour with your eyes. Remember, He suffered all of those atrocious, excruciating agonies for you that you might love Him all the more!  Often Jesus exhorted Saint Faustina to contemplate His sufferings!

10. MARY MOST HOLY.  Have an image(statue, painting, mosaic) of Mary always close to you. Greet her in the morning, and evening and in between--- if possible! At the start of the day, consecrate your whole being.... your eyes, mind and heart to Mary.   St. John Berchmans stated, "I want to keep my eyes pure in this life so as to contemplate with the greatest clarity the beauty of Mary in heaven."

In conclusion, let us keep vigilance over our eyes, fill them with pure, honest and noble ideas, images, and the beauty of  creation.   "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God."  (Mt 5:8)