Blessed Pope John Paul II stated that the "Transfiguration of Jesus" is the Mystery of Light par excellence! This is the fourth Luminous Mystery.   The spiritual messages for our enrichment are almost beyond limit. Let us dive into this spiritual gold-mine and grab on to some of these golden-nuggets!

1. COMPANION FOR OUR JOURNEY.  As Jesus became the companion to the Apostles--- Peter, James and John--- so Jesus wants to be your Companion on the highway of life until you reach your final destiny: HEAVEN!  Never travel without Jesus!

2. CONVERSATION/COLLOQUY.    Talk with Him. That is the most simple definition of prayer. Whenever you want to talk to the Lord, he is ready to listen. A private audience with God Himself, a conversation with Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity is yours whenever you desire! How awesome: the closeness of Our God to us!

3. FRIENDSHIP.   Not only does Jesus yearn to enter into conversation with us, but He also wants to establish a strong, growing, and permanent "Friendship" with you. At the Last Supper He called His disciples "Friends" and  "you" are invited to enter into that Friendship. We are never alone!  Jesus your Friend is present to you at your beck and call!

4. CLIMB!   Our spiritual life entails climbing and carrying our cross!   We all have our "Good Friday", but we must never forget that Good Friday leads to the glory of Easter Sunday. The last word is Alleluia!!!!  Which means victory over death and heaven that awaits Jesus' Friends! As Pope John Paul II proclaimed in Harlem New York--- in the midst of the slum--- "We are an Easter people!!!!"

5. CROSS TO BE SHARED.  Never carry your cross on the ascent of Calvary by yourself. Rather, share the cross with Jesus. If done alone, the cross will crush you by its weight. Crosses can make us "better or bitter".  Shared with Jesus, His yoke is easy and burden light!

6. OUR LADY OF THE WAY.  Invite Mary to accompany you.  Imagine Mary travelling to visit St Elizabeth and accompany her.   She was a living tabernacle, carrying Jesus in her womb. Travel together with Jesus and Mary.

7.  Transfigured, Jesus is in conversation with Moses, the law giver of the Old Testament and Elijah, the great prophet. Jesus is the New Law-giver and His greatest commandment is that of love of God and neighbor.  He is the greatest  TEACHER of all times; may we always sit at His feet as His humble disciples.

8. Peter blurts out: "Lord, how good it is to be here...."  Every time we are in front of the most Blessed Sacrament, like Peter our hearts should cry out:  LORD, HOW GOOD IT IS TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a privilege as catholics, that we can contemplate the luminous Face of Jesus every time we are in the church in front of the Blessed  Sacrament.

9. FATHER'S VOICE: LISTEN TO HIM!   Our desire should be to earnestly and constantly to humbly listen to the voice of Jesus who speaks to us through His Word--- the Bible, His Church, a sermon, the priest, one's confessor, a popular mission, a retreat,  The Mystical Body, His Vicar, the Holy Father and through His Magisterium.   Let us strive to have our ears attuned to the voice of God in our midst.  "Speak  O Lord for your servant is listening."

10.  CLOUD.  Symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit.  May the Holy Spirit overshadow our minds and hearts and set us on fire for the love of all that refers to the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.  Therefore, the Transfiguration reveals the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity, as in the Baptism of Jesus. The Person of Jesus, the voice of the Father, and the Cloud, symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Let us praise the Holy Trinity with our words but especially with holy lives!  May Our Lady who is Daughter of the  Father, Mother of the Son and Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit magnify the Trinity in our lives!