The the third Luminous Mystery is the "Proclamation of the Kingdom and call to conversion". In the document of Pope John Paul II  THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY AND THE ROSARY,  in which the Holy Father introduces the new mysteries, "The Mysteries of Light", the Holy Father also refers to this mystery as pointing to conversion through the Sacrament of Confession. In others words, true conversion will be realized especially through contact with Jesus, through Jesus the Healer in Confession. In this Sacrament Jesus indeed heals us of our spiritual infirmities and sicknesses.  Some  quick but clear suggestions to help you improve your confessions!

1. AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!!!!  Be eternally grateful for your Catholic faith that you can receive this sacrament as often as you like and receive countless graces and blessings. Lord, thank you for your healing embrace in confession! (Lk 15)

2. TRUST!  The devil fills us with fear! Jesus  encourages us to trust in Him. Pope John Paul II's opening words were:  "Do not be afraid to open up the door to Christ."    Jesus said to St Faustina that the greatest sinner can become the greatest saint upon one condition: TRUST!!!!

3 GO!  The devil tempts us to procrastinate, to put off until tomorrow. Prepare well and just go!!!!

4. PREPARE WELL!  Try to prepare well the night before, begging Mary and the Holy Spirit for their help.  Ninety percent (90%) of confession is done even before you enter the confessional.

5. WRITTEN!  A great help can be to simply jot down your sins! Memory failure, "Senior moments" can flare up in moments of stress or fear! Have your list written! This will make it easier for you as well as the confessor! Destroy the evidence after!

6. PSALM 51/LUKE 15.  The church strongly exhorts us to use Sacred Scripture abundantly. Before entering the Confessional prayerfully read Psalm 51, the Act of Contrition of David, after his sin with Bathsheba.  Another passage might be Lk 15 the three Parables of God's mercy, and the greatest the Prodigal Son (Merciful Father). Scripture can dispose you to receive the Sacraments well!

7. CONFESSOR: PRAY!   Another useful hint to improve your confessions would be to pray for your confessor before you enter the confessional. Once St Faustina did not pray for her confessor and the priest did not seem to understand her. The following time she did pray for her confessor and she left the confessional filled with peace! Try it: a prayer for the confessor!

8. FREQUENT CONFESSION!  The church encourages frequent confession. Sanctifying grace is received, peace of soul, as well as "Preventive Medicine".  Frequent confession can  avoid big falls!!!!

9. PENANCE!  As  a novice, I remember once my Novice director encouraged us to frequent confession and said that it is a good practice to do double the penance that the priest will give you! Excellent advice! It shows true generosity of heart. Ignatius would call this MAGNANIMITY. (Annotation # 5 Spiritual Exercises).

10. FAMILY CONFESSION. Bring your family once a month!  Mrs. Budnik  commented in her book:  SEEKING PEACE, TRY CONFESSION, that she noticed that the more the family drifted away from confession, the more tension in the family. After confession an aroma of peace would permeate the home.  Family peace, love and harmony, through confession. Try it!

True peace of mind, heart and soul can only come through contact with the Merciful Heart of Jesus.  "Come to me all of you who are loaded with sin.....Jesus will forgive you!