The unborn child in the womb of the pregnant woman has a right to life, just as anyone of us outside of the womb because life begins at the moment of conception.  It is Almighty God, the origin and author of life, who has the right to give life and the right to end life.   Human life, indeed, is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death.

Pope John Paul II presents a modern Ignatian two standards: the Culture of death (Satan) and the Gospel of Life.  (Jesus, Our Lord and King). Let us stand with courage under the standard of Jesus Our King and defend unborn life. Let us be the "Voice" of the child, who in the womb cannot be heard. The following are ways to defend the child:

1. PRAYER!   We must storm heaven with our daily prayers.  The Hail Mary is especially powerful because we extol Mary's "Yes" and Jesus within her womb: " BLESSED IS THE FRUIT OF YOUR WOMB, JESUS..."  May every Hail Mary we recite repair for an abortion as well as prevent this cruel murder!

2. STUDY!   As followers of Christ, we should be well-informed by serious study of the topic.  The excellent website PRIESTSFORLIFE.ORG.  is  a superb website with extensive information on abortion and the Pro-life movement. Try it out!

3.  PRAYER IN FRONT OF ABORTION MILLS.  Find out where the nearest abortion clinic is to your home and silently protest by praying the Rosary in front.  Your prayers might make the difference in  enlightening a confused woman to turn around and have the baby!

4. PRO-LIFE LICENSE PLATE.  Buy a pro-life license plate, with some catchy phrase, like: IT IS NOT A CHOICE, IT IS A CHILD."

5. VOTING.  Remember the non-negotiables when you cast your vote at the poll.  "Non-negotiable" means that these are always intrinsically wrong and immoral.  These are Homosexuality, Euthanasia, Contraception, Embryonic experimentation, and  ABORTION!!!  Your first criteria in choosing a political candidate is his position on defending the unborn child.  Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta expressed this concept:  "If we do not defend the most vulnerable in society, then we should not be surprised that there is a lower respect for life across the board."

6.CHASTITY TEACHING!  Parents please teach your children the importance of the virtue of chastity.  "Blessed are the pure of heart, they will see God." (Mt. 5:8) Unwanted teen pregnancies, all too often culminate in abortion!  Confirmation programs should insist on a "Chastity Retreat" and the giving of the chastity ring that the young girl or boy will give to their spouse on the day of their wedding, promising a life of virginity until marriage!

7. ADOPTION NOT ABORTION.   In cases where a pregnant woman is overwhelmed with the pregnancy and honestly believes that it is beyond her capacity to raise the child, then encourage her  as a valid option the possibility of ADOPTION.  Many good couples, who for painful reasons could not have a child, are very desirous to adopt a child. 

8. ABORTION, MERCY AND RECONCILIATION.   A woman who indeed has carried out an abortion should never, never give into despair! Rather, TRUST  in God's infinite mercy. Confession, forgiveness and reconciliation is always possible.  The loving arms of the Father of the Prodigal Son are always open to embrace, kiss, hug and forgive. The greatest virtue of the Heart of Jesus is His mercy. (Pope John Paul II and St Faustina Kowlaska).

9.  ULTRA-SOUND.   For pregnant women who are vacillating over not having the baby, encourage them to visit and have an ULTRASOUND and see the baby.  The baby is a real person!!!  A Mom seeing her little one smiling, scratching his nose, yawning, his heart beating---- all these can be powerful reasons to motivate the Mom to say "Yes" to her little innocent baby!  Dr Bernard Nathanson was converted by seeing the baby in the womb!

10. THE GREATEST MIRACLE!  The greatest miracle is HOLY MASS!  Assist at Holy Mass, participate in Holy Mass. Offer the chalice and the Host for the unborn baby--- in reparation and prevention. In the Mass, the priest in the "person of Christ" offers the precious Body, and Blood of Jesus for the innocent body and blood of the little baby!  No greater prayer in the universe can compare to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass--- the "World's Greatest Miracle"!

Friends in Jesus and Mary, let us do all we can through prayer and action to speak up for, to defend, to love and to save our little brothers and sisters in the womb.  They cannot speak! May we be the eloquent and strong voice of these most helpless of our brothers and sisters!