Read the encounter between Jesus and Nicodemus and focus on the words: " Amen, amen I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and  Spirit." (Jn. 3:5). Now call to mind with immense gratitude the spiritual graces God bestowed on you on the day of your Baptism. Turn this meditation into a Litany of Thanksgiving!!!!

1. Freed from the stain of Original Sin; washed clean, purity of soul!

2. Become a son/daughter to God the Father! Truly son/daughter of God!

3. Become brother/sister to Jesus Christ. Indeed, Jesus is our older Brother!

4.  Living tabernacle of the Holy Spirit. He is the "Sweet Guest of your soul".

5. Living temple of the Blessed Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

6. Receive the theological virtues connecting you directly to God: Faith, Hope, and Charity!

7. Endowed with the moral or cardinal virtues: Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, and Temperance.

8. Freedom and liberation from the enemy, the power of darkness, the devil: the exorcism!

9.Outpouring of the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety, and Fear of the Lord. Come Holy Spirit come!

10 Sanctifying grace= meaning Friendship with Jesus.  He became your "Best Friend". He is the Friend that will never fail you!

11 FAMILY MEMBER!  Became member of the family the Church. The Church is indeed the "Family of God".

12. Actual graces.  These spiritual impulses like divine rays of light will descend upon the mind of the baptized and give consolation to the heart.

13. INHERITANCE.  Through Baptism, we have a right and are entitled to eternal life if we are faithful to our Baptismal Commitment.

14. EUCHARIST.  Once baptized, through preparation, we can receive the greatest sacrament: the Holy Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ!

15. MARY AS MOTHER.   If Baptism makes us sons/daughters of God, then it also means that we become sons/daughters of  Mary who is the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church!

Friends in Jesus and Mary,  make it a habit to give thanks to the Lord for having gratuitously given to you--- without any merit of your own--- the Sacrament of Baptism.  Quietly and prayerfully meditate on this list and your hearts will be filled with joy!