Utilize your imagination to enter and to become part of this contemplative scene in the life of Jesus. Beg for the grace of intimate knowledge of Jesus, that you love Him more ardently and follow Him more closely.   THE BAPTISM SCENES.....

1. Jesus leaving Mary at Nazareth.  Try to picture and imagine the last moments that Jesus shared with His Mother Mary in Nazareth before His departure.  Imagine the two having a last meal, coffee  together and their conversation. You also are invited! What did they say? What would you say to them?

2. JESUS' DEPARTURE.   Jesus leaves His Mother and walks quickly, determined, with His eyes fixed on the Father's will and His mission? Are you weak and irresolute in your decisions. Walk  and talk with the Lord!

3. JORDAN RIVER AND JOHN.   Many people are   at the Jordan river because of one person: John the Baptist. Sanctity attracts!  Do you attract people to the Heart of Jesus?

4. JESUS' PATIENCE AND HUMILITY.  Jesus with the utmost humility and patience goes to the end of the line and waits His turn---- this is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity!  Are you patient in waiting? Are you meek and humble of heart?

5. THE BLESSED TRINITY.  At Jesus' Baptism is revealed a "Trinitarian Theophany".  That is to say, manifested is the Father, in the voice, the Son in the Person of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.  Prayer reflection!  Which of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity are you most distant from?  Beg for the grace of deeper intimacy with "That" Person. He longs to enter into deeper "Friendship" with you!

With this Biblical passage and points for meditation, you can easily grown in knowledge, love and desire to follow Jesus the Lord!