Jesus speaksabout the pearl of infinite value!  In a short but easy to follow literary device called an ACRONYM, here we have it!

P= PRAYER!   Strive to grow deeper in your prayer life every day with the help of Mary most holy!

E= EUCHARIST!   Without doubt, the most Holy Eucharist is a pricless jem or pearl of infinite value.  Strive to go to Mass and receive the most Holy Eucharist as often as possible and you will be constantly living with the pearl in the depths of your heart!

A= ADORATION!   In addition to receiving Jesus the precious "pearl" in Holy Communion, strivre to imitate the Magi-- the Wise men--- and spend some time in adoration.  "O come let us adore Him...."

R= REPARATION!   We are called also to show signs of concern for the Lord in His sorrow due to our sins and the sins of humanity by making some concrete signs of reparation through penance.  Love and sacrifice are synonymous!

L= LOVE!  Finally, if we have encountered thge pearl of infinite value in prayer, we must also encounter Him in our brothers and sisters and show love, compassion, mercy towards them.  Remember the words of Jesus who said:  "Whatosever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me!" (Mt 25).

In sum,  if you desire the pearl, it is for your taking!  May you always have a shiny pearl in the depths of your heart!